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A Year In Pictures

January 2014

Lighty and Murphy

a January 2014 sunrise

handsome Donneur

Faune and Flyer

Sam doing his tongue/nose licking routine after eating

Noble and Lucky

February 2014

Lotus, Romeo, Lofty and Flyer

Sparky the donkey and Timbit the mini being wild

foggy February morning

Walon grooming a napping Clayton

Gibson and Gus

Fabrizzio, Noble and Walden on our one snow day of 2014

MyLight and Silky

March 2014

Largo and Oskar

Elfin doing his signature dogwalk so he can roll on the other side

Apollo, Trigger and Thomas

Alex and Darby

Johnny and Rocky


World’s Cutest Fainting Goats doing the best gremlin impersonations; Jo, Miss Lyle and Mina

April 2014

Dolly, Traveller and Silky

a shedding Cuffie with hair stuck to his lip

Gibson and Silver

an April sunrise

MyLight napping in the hay with Cinnamon, Calimba and Maisie munching

Asterik and Cocomo playing with George watching

Renny, Murphy and Dutch made a pretty picture in the morning sun


May 2014

Sebastian was the last horse I body clipped in the spring

Rip having his teeth floated on one of our many “dental days” in 2014

Thomas hanging with his best buddy Jason while waiting for the farrier

Traveller, MyLight and Silky

Noble, Bruno, Merlin and Lightning

Renny, Dutch, Murphy and Wiz

Toledo and Kennedy doing some early morning grazing

June 2014 Silky, Dolly and Lily

Levendi and Moe

O’Reilly and Noble

Maisie and Traveller

mares running in V formation; L-R Maisie, MyLight, Cinnamon in the lead, Calimba and Dolly

Renny, Johnny and Sebastian

Silver and George

Bruno and Duesy

Norman trying to grab the feedbags under the fence. “If I can just get a little bit lower . . . ”

a June sunrise

July 2014 Stormy and Donovan doing some early morning grazing

Lily and Maisie grooming

Cocomo and Romeo

Toledo and Johnny grooming

Ritchie and Trigger

Sebastian and Johnny grooming

Walden, Fabrizzio and Merlin on the run

July sunrise

Johnny, Oskar, Kennedy, Bergie and Toledo wandering in to eat breakfast

Homer and Tony

August 2014 Elfin and Leo

Calimba and Norman

Donovan, Oskar and Johnny

Baby and Trigger

Johnny and B-Rad


Toledo and Walon

Leo, Chance, Rip and Ritchie

Sebastian and Africa

Faune and Flyer

Hemi and Apollo

September 2014 September sunset

Traveller looked pretty in the morning sun

Dutch and Murphy

Calimba and Dolly

Baby, Thomas, Homer and Levendi

Darby, Alex and B-Rad

Griselle and Timbit

Lily and Maisie

Walon and Stormy

Faune, Donneur and Lofty

Donovan and Clayton

October 2014 Toledo and Kennedy

Flyer, Silver and Faune

Largo and Oskar

Hemi, Thomas and Apollo

Fabrizzio, Duesy and Bruno

Rip, Ritchie and Trigger

Cocomo and George playing with the salt holder

Timbit let himself into the paddock so he could photobomb this picture of Rubrico and River

Cuffie watching the sun rise

Silver, Cocomo, Asterik and George

Donovan, Toledo and Rocky

Taco and Sam

November 2014 Rubrico, Toledo, Largo and River waiting for breakfast

Lighty and Johnny

Fabrizzio and Slinky

Levendi, Moe, Apollo, Hemi and Thomas thought there was something scary in their pasture

Cocomo told Faune he would be happy to pull his blanket off for him

Johnny, Africa and Taco

Lotus, Romeo, Lofty and Donneur

Lotus and Cocomo

a November sunrise

December 2014

Elfin and Leo

Duesy and Walden

Oskar and Rubrico

Mick and Lighty

Bruno and Duesy

Lucky and Lightning

Remmy and Fabrizzio

Timbit, Griselle and Sparky

Gibson and Silver

Apollo and Hemi

Asterik and Cocomo

The End

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