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A Year in Pictures

I started going through a bunch of pictures and decided to pick a few pictures from each month and show some scenes of 2010 in pictures. It ended up taking me forever trying to remember certain pictures from each month and then find them on my computer! These aren’t necessarily the best pictures that I took but each one brought back a strong memory for me. I remember taking each and every one of these pictures and most of them are associated with very happy memories and moments, with the pictures from the flood being the only exception.

It was fun to scroll through the pictures after getting them posted in chronological order and watching the seasons change and the events of the year unfold.

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011!!

January 2010

Jason with Jo and Bugle; hard to imagine that a few days later we were . . .

. . . sledding! We only have enough snow on the ground to sled once every few years so we took advantage of it. Me with Bear and Jo.

Me with Bear and Bush

Jason and Bear getting ready to sled down the hill; love Bear’s pricked ears

Lexi and Cinnamon hanging out

February 2010

sunset over the farm in February

I remember watching MyLight enjoying her roll . . .

. . . and then she sat up like she always does after she rolls and tries to decide if she’s done or not

Homer, Ivan and Chance

Another snowfall; Asterik and Winston

March 2010

Traveller, Norman, Lexi and Bonnie having a tough life the first week of March. Sring was literally right around the corner.

Leo, Levendi and Homer

Chance splashing in the water

Clay, Lightening, Snappy and O’Reilly; it was really starting to look like spring

April 2010

the Big Boys grazing

Levendi and Ivan in the pond

I remember taking this picture early one morning, it is one of my favorite pictures. Alex and Ogie

I remember taking this picture as well because I was walking up towards the barn and turned around and realized how pretty everything was so I took a picture. Teddy provided a nice horse model for the picture.

May 2010

May will forever be remembered by middle Tennessee for the epic flood. This picture is the farm across the street from our farm.

To the right is the farm across the street and on the left is our mailbox almost underwater. Note you cannot see our driveway or the street! This area of about an acre by the road was one of 2 areas that had flooding on our farm. Our fence can be seen to the far left, it is well back from the road in this area.

Same view of our driveway/mailbox to the left taken from farther away. The only other area of the farm that had standing water was about half an acre behind my arena. All of this water receded within about 6 hours of the rain stopping. We had no damage anywhere at all to fences, buildings or houses. Many in our community suffered severe damage and lost their homes. We were very lucky.

Levendi and Tony trotting through their pasture a couple of days after the flood.

I remember taking this picture of Faune and Sebastian well; big (Faune – Selle Francais) and small (Sebastian – Connemara) side by side.

Construction began at the new farm!! This is the driveway entrance.

June 2010

Apollo trotting through the pasture

Levendi looking very relaxed

the flock of wild turkey chicks and their mom that my dad was feeding this summer

My parents were away on a long trip in June and I heard Jason driving around and around in the Gater one day. My dad drives the dogs around in it every day and they were starting to get depressed without their daily ride so I looked out the window and realized Jason was driving the dogs all over the farm to cheer them up.

July 2010

Norman had a surprise visitor. His mom, who had never been to the farm, was driving through the area and stopped in for a quick visit.

MyLight, Missy, Harmony and Cuff Links grazing very early one July morning

World’s Cutest Fainting Goats at play; Jo leaping off of a hay bale and over Mina

August 2010

Hoffy came home! After a couple of years on loan to a friend as a “husband horse” my horse Hoffy came home. Jason leading him to the barn on his first day home.

I remember these three bright and alert faces watching me over the fence and I had to take their picture. Fuzzy, Murphy and Dutch

Elfin looked so carefree running through the pasture with Bella

Sebastian was showing off his extended trot

September 2010 Moving Day!! We moved the first group of horses to the new farm. Probably my favorite day of the year! Jason leading the semi with the Big Boys up the driveway to the new farm.

Thomas and Jason are big friends. Here they are hanging out shortly after Thomas and the rest of the Big Boys were unloaded at the new farm.

Dutch found Wiz’s back to be a comfortable resting place

Cuffie showing his true pony attitude playing over the fence with B-Rad (look at those ears and teeth!). He lures the horses over looking all sweet and innocent and then he reminds them that pony is a four letter word!

B-Rad and Alex hanging out

October 2010

Justin and B-Rad were napping together and resting their heads on Alex

Boo looked like he belonged in a calendar with his flowing mane and tail

the three grays looked so pretty in the morning sun; Sebastian, Gus and Asterik

Lily and Maisie grazing together

November 2010

Rocky on the run with all four feet off the ground

Lots of progress at the new farm! Look at the picture I posted in May 2010 above to see the progress.

Teddy was napping and letting the fence hold his head up

Johnny looked so darn cute and the sunlight through the trees was pretty so I had to take a close-up picture

Wiz frolicing in the pasture; he was having so much fun

December 2010

I turned around and saw Faune and Chimano with their matching faces. They looked so cute and it made me smile.

Stormy and Tiny with their dueling yawns also put a smile on my face (oh to have such a “high” stress level!)

the three grays in the snow was also a picture that had to be taken; Gus, Sebastian and Asterik

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