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Addicted to Gravel; Miracle Video

As Jason mentioned a few days ago we have had a lot of gravel trucks coming and going lately. I lost count after 20 or so loads. We needed to finish putting gravel on the driveway. We had been

But now our redneck driveway is gone and we actually have a functional driveway

another before . . .

. . . and after

one of our beautiful curves that we almost straightened out over a stupid rock

Thankfully the curve stayed; we started with crush and run as you can see here and then came back and added inch and a quarter gravel on top. Maybe we should have stayed with just the crush and run for now, or maybe we shouldn’t have lost count of the number of loads!

Spreading gravel in one of the pastures; as the truck went back and forth with the bed lifting higher and higher they just stood in the shed without so much as a second look. Of course it goes without saying that if anyone had been trying to ride them you would have been bucked off.

A short video of the horses watching the gravel truck (this is Sam, Fuzzy, Dutch, Wiz, Sebastian, Alex, Renny, etc.); by the end the truck is less than a foot from the shed and nobody moves.

Contrast the above video with this video from two years ago. Some of you may remember this video of the Big Boys acting silly spooking at their new gravel pile at the old farm. The Big Boys are an endless source of entertainment and as you can see it is the same cast of characters:

Dutch and Sam finally came over to check out the gravel

A load of gravel being dumped in the not yet finished barn at the end of the driveway. Jason is in his element, feeding his addiction and directing the placement of the gravel.

Jason guiding the gravel truck into the mare/pony pasture

Cinnamon gave the truck a passing glance on her way to the water trough

Norman and Cuffie were hanging out in the shed and uninterested in the gravel truck

Maisie was only mildly interested in the gravel truck. There’s Jason directing away. I was looking at all of these pictures and was playing “Where’s Waldo” with Jason. Anywhere there was a gravel truck Jason was nearby directing and looking happy. He was looking a lot less happy when he got the bill!

A brief video of Miracle running in the pasture along with Sky, Bonnie, and Sparky the donkey

Stormy and Clayton



The Big Boys grazing; they were way out in the back of their pasture when gravel was delivered to their pasture. It would have been fun to see if they reacted as strongly this time around to the gravel delivery!

Kennedy napping

Trigger grazing as the sun was coming up

Chance, Leo and Homer

Clay and Fuzzy

Asterik, Silver and George

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