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Things did not get off to their usual start this morning. As always during the summer we start very early. As the sun is rising we are preparing feed. We scoop it out, soak it, add supplements/meds, and go through all of the steps needed to prepare breakfast for a farm full of hungry horses.

We usually go from pasture to pasture in the same order at feeding times. Faune’s group is typically up first. On a side note we have nicknames for all of the groups, and often we simply refer to them as “X’s group,” with X referring to whomever is the boss hoss of that group. Faune is the boss of his group so we often refer to them as Faune’s group.

Faune usually has his charges ready and waiting in the mornings (dinner is another matter entirely) and they stand quietly while waiting for breakfast to be served. Except this morning they were spooking, snorting, spinning and darting around. They would be standing quietly and then suddenly one of them would spin around and bolt a few steps as if they had just seen a ghost, then the rest of them would follow suit. They were all staring at the same area of the pasture. I fed the #2 group while waiting for the sun to fully rise.

Once I could see out in the pasture I quickly spotted the cause of so much concern. It was a group of turkeys, with babies in tow, in the pasture. Quite frankly it is a mystery to me why these turkeys were of such concern. There are turkeys all over the farm everywhere. There is nothing odd about turkeys being in their pasture and the horses usually never even flick an ear as a flock of turkeys meander past them. My only guess is that in the dim light and the fog they were not sure of what they were seeing and they decided their pasture had been invaded not by turkeys but by aliens. Aliens that clearly had sinister plans for them.

The turkeys finally completed their walk across the pasture, everyone calmed down and breakfast was eventually served.

The aliens


Dutch, Fuzzy and Sam

Clayton having a stressful afternoon

Johnny and Lighty on the run

they were followed by Sam

with Murphy right behind him

Gus and George having a foggy, dawn grooming session

Winston, Asterik and Silver

Lightening and Lucky looking extremely relaxed waiting for breakfast

Griselle and Sky trying to decide if they will grace me with their presence at the gate to be fed or if they prefer to just stand and stare at me.

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