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Another Day In Pictures And Video

Below are some scenes from around the retirement farm on Tuesday. It was another beautiful day, sunny and 77 for the high. The horses were relaxed, the goats were playful and the people were happy. We also have a new resident who was picked up by the shipper toay and is officially en route to join us for retirement. Who doesn’t love knowing that you have a new horse on the way??!! When I watch this video and look at the pictures I am reminded again at how lucky I am to do what I do every day. I realize not everyone would want to spend their days outside in all types of weather with a farm full of horses and other assorted critters but I can’t think of a better way to spend my days. Enjoy these scenes from around the farm.Billy and Bubba doing their goat things. First we play a bit and crack our horns together, then Bubba bashes his head into their house a few times. This is the reason Jason and I have been working on rebuilding their house as they’ve systematically destroyed it over the years. We’ve pulled out the old floor and rebuilt a new one and now we just need to finish rebuilding the one side. The things we do for our stray goats . . .

Mina and Jo had fun outside today. Jo on top of the bucket.

Jason propped up a couple of boards we had out there for rebuilding the goat house and made them a little ramp to play on. This is Mina playing on the ramp while Jo watches.

Two little fainting goats running as hard as they can. I like Jo’s “aerodynamic” look with the ears all the way back.

Jason petting his girls while they play on the tree stump

L-R Lucky, Snappy, Clay and Silky (aka Slinky)

Dustin grazing quietly

Levendi goes after an itchy spot

Tony coming eagerly to eat dinner with the breeze giving his mane a lift.

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