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Another Farrier Day and More Body Clipping

On Wednesday we had our weekly session with our wonderful farrier Gwen. Gwen does a fantastic job with all of our residents; many of our owners can’t believe the positive changes she is able to bring about in improved quality of life simply through improved hoof form and function.

Farrier days are extra busy around here and they start early. We like to get everyone fed and all the horses that are to be worked on brought to the barn before Gwen’s arrival at 9:30 am. Usually we use farrier days to give each of the horses on the schedule a bath as well. We don’t like to over bathe the horses as it can dry out their coats, so a bath every six weeks works well for a bathing schedule. Of course we are doing some grooming between baths!

Bringing horses to the barn for the farrier really highlights the weakness in our current farm’s layout. The far pasture begins a long half mile from the barn and then stretches onward for another half mile. Because of this and because horses are seldom waiting at the gate to be caught, the trek to the rear of the farm often becomes a very inconvenient two mile hike in order to drop off one set of horses and bring another set up to the barn. Anyone wanting some aerobic exercise should forego the gym and show up here on a day when we’ve got 10 horses from the back of the farm that need to be brought into the barn and then taken back out. Think eight to ten miles additional walking on top of our regular daily dose of walking as we do chores, are for the horses and go about the business of running the farm.

Of course traipsing about the farm as we do is far from all bad. It’s excellent exercise and it affords us the opportunity to repeatedly check everyone over as well as enjoy the beauty of working outdoors in all the seasons of the year.

On Thursday Lily and Cuff Links were both given a bath and body clipped. This time Melissa remembered to take a few pictures. In addition to having the right tools for the job, which are the previously mentioned two sets of Andis clippers, a really clean horse is key as well. Dirty horses dull the blades quickly, while with a clean horse you can just buzz through the hair efficiently and quickly without living clip lines. The clippers are now tucked away in their cases and hopefully won’t be needed again until next year.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday !

(this post was written by Jason)

The Big Boys are forever providing entertainment. Elfin and (a very dusty) Thomas having a grand time playing. Hemi and Chance put in a brief appearance at the end.

Lily getting the finishing touches on her body clip. Although hard to really see in this picture she looked amazing after she was done. She had a total beauty day with a bath, body clip and mane pulled.

Clay and Lucky grazing. In the background we have Snappy, Hemi, Leo (who looks like he might possibly have rolled as well!), Homer and Levendi


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