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Another Installment of the Pony Wars

I have written many posts about the Pony Wars on the farm. For any that have missed the prior posts on the pony wars here are the previous posts:

Mares and ponies are a wonderful source of entertainment around here. The mares seem to want to “own” their own pony while the ponies mostly try to maintain their independence.

Norman the pony is quite the ladies man, he always has been. As I said to our wonderful vet the other day Norman’s whole life is a win. He lives with a bunch of mares who adore him and he also adores them – under the right circumstances.

If he were a person Norman would be described as a guy who likes to play the field. Norman is good looking, he has a magnetic personality for horses and people, and he knows it. Often Norman is the one who initiates the dating process with one of the mares. Their facebook status would be “in a relationship.” Then the mare will start pressing Norman for more commitment, wanting to move in together, or get engaged, or heaven forbid set a wedding date. Once they start wanting too much commitment Norman moves on to another mare. He is also buddies with Cuff Links.

Cuff Links and Traveller have always tried to maintain their independence. Unlike Norman they find the mares too demanding, and they probably tire of the mares constantly talking about each other behind their backs. This does not mean that the mares are not interested in them however. Their facebook status is never voluntarily “in a relationship” with one of the mares.

Occasionally Cuffie goes along with being owned by a mare but Traveller never has. Traveller hangs out with Silky a lot, I think because they have a nice, platonic friendship and she does not ever ask for more of him. Cuffie has been claimed more than once but usually manages to regain his independence after a few months. Maisie would love to be wildly attached to Cuffie but he never goes along with that plan. Maisie has a fairly submissive personality and Cuffie is very bossy so she doesn’t stand a chance at running his life. Cuffie and Lily were frenemies for a long time, but in the last several months they seem to have become more than that which is quite surprising to us. Lily is the one mare that has never had a pony obsession. However we often see these two grazing together peacefully so they seem to have forged a bond of sorts. I can only imagine that no one is more surprised by this than Maisie!

Cinnamon the pony is a different story altogether, probably because she is also a girl. MyLight and Calimba especially feel the need to know about Cinnamon’s whereabouts at all times. If they don’t know where she is their level of distress is alarmingly high until she is sighted. Cinnamon is quite herdbound herself although more to the group in general than to any particular member.

And that is how the world turns in the world of mares and ponies!


Cuffie and Norman after having their teeth floated on Tuesday; they had a nice 20 minute nap together

Silky and Traveller

MyLight, Cinnamon and Calimba

Jason and I loved this cloud. I think it looks like a dog sitting up on its hind legs.

Titan, Romeo, Silver and Lotus were in a hurry to join the other horses in the woods

Walden and Fabrizzio; you can sortof see Lightening and Thor behind them

Levendi and Moe grooming

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