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Another Sad Beginning

It looks like we have another sad beginning that needs a happy ending. We’ve had a few sad beginnings show up here. We kept Ewen who appeared three years ago in August. A little over a year ago we had a sad, skinny, elderly dog show up at the farm. We were very lucky that our wonderful friend Leslie stepped up and gave Abigail Rose a home. As of yesterday we have another dog needing a home. We’ve posted on social media and knocked on doors and have found no owners for this dog. We now have a sad, skinny, young dog, possibly still a puppy, needing a home.

I’ve learned a few things about our sad visitor between yesterday and today. He does not have a collar on. He is very submissive and very friendly. He does not appear to be interested in chasing cats. He’s had the opportunity several times and has shown no interest in Oscar, Igor, Jingle or Joy. He is not food aggressive. He eats next to Ewen and I can pet him while he’s eating. He is ravenously hungry. He gets along well with Ewen. Ewen wants him to play but our sad stray doesn’t seem interested in playing. I’ve let him in the house, just in the mudroom, and he’s quiet inside and appears to be housebroken.

Over the last few years we’ve adopted Igor, Oscar, Jingle, Joy, Ewen and Timbit the mini (who surely counts as adopting 10 dogs and cats). I wish we could keep every stray animal that shows up at our farm but, as we all know, that isn’t possible.  We need to make yet another happy ending for another sad animal. If anyone is interested in giving this dog a happy ending, or is willing to foster until a permanent home is found, please let us know.

Surely one of you can  help him find a happy ending?

Johnny, Happy and Blu

Havana, Art and Baner


Cisco and Levendi

Igor on the fence watching Flower, Innes, Timbit, Sparky and Sabrina


I had the pleasure of watching this stunning sunrise a few days ago . . . 

. . . about a minute later . . . 

. . . about three minutes later . . .

. . . Penny, Jake and Missy were patiently waiting for breakfast while I watched the sunrise

King and Moe playing

Ricarco and Convey playing

Walon and Sushi playing (Squirrel behind them)

Remmy, Art, Duesy and Merlin playing before breakfast . . . 

Remmy and Art

Duesy and Merlin

Fabrizzio getting treats and pets from Carter


Dawn and Cuffie

Grand and Rip

Trigger and Apollo


Igor and Ewen hanging out . . . 

. . . until Igor decided it would be more fun to play with Ewen’s tail



Maisie and Lily


Convey and Chance

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