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Beating the Odds

In my last post of 2015 I mentioned that we see our vets a lot. If there is one things we can’t seem to get enough of at Paradigm Farms it is seeing a vet. It stands to reason that when you live with a bunch of horses that are either aged, injured, infirm, or all of the above, you see your vets regularly.

Ironically we wrapped up 2015 seeing a vet for one of our cats, not a horse. Jason and I call our pets WebbPets(tm). If there is something that WebbPets(tm) like to do with alarming regularity it is not only seeing the vet, it is having surgery. My beloved Schipperke Bear was a frequent flyer on the surgeon’s table, he did love a good bar fight. Mina, one of the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats, has had surgery. My mare Bonnie had surgery on her stifle. Even Ewen had to be neutered after showing up at our farm, and ran around in the cone of shame for a week.

Thus, when our cat Joy was not putting any weight on one of her hind legs a couple of weeks ago, we automatically assumed she was heading for surgery. After some diagnostics at the vet I was told to take her home and give her pain medication, and come back for a re-check in a week. The vet was confident she had only strained, not torn, her ACL ligament and that she would not need surgery. I silently said “whatever, the cat will need surgery” and took Joy home for her week of rest. When I told Jason the vet felt Joy would simply need some restricted activity and would be just fine, he rolled his eyes at me and said “She’s a WebbPet(tm), and WebbPets have surgery.”

I think Joy might be the first WebbPet(tm) to not require surgery. At her recheck a week later she was weighting the leg and 80% improved. It has now been two weeks and she is back to normal. Finally, a WebbPet beat the odds, and at least this time around no surgery is required.


Gibson and Silver

Lightning and Lucky

Roho and Gus

George and Cocomo

the life of a pet cow

Flyer and Donneur

Sebastian and Nemo

Calimba and Maisie having an after breakfast grooming session

Elfin and Homer

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