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Blankets and Visitors

As always Jason and I were not looking for things to do this weekend. We had fun visiting with MyLight’s people and Wiz’s owner over the weekend. As always I think Bear gets as much attention as any of the horses. I say it over and over on here but we have been so fortunate over the years to attract both wonderful horses and wonderful people to the farm. We’re truly blessed.

My other them of the weekend was blankets. It feels weird to be thinking about blankets when it is in the high 70’s and sunny outside but unfortunately we can’t enjoy that weather 365 days per year. All of the blankets were sent out for cleaning and repairs and they have been piled up in a mound in the barn for three weeks. It was starting to look pretty redneck around here so it was time to address the pile. I’ve been remarking names, spraying on more waterproofing for any blanket I feel might be questionable in that department and then distributing blankets to their various storage locations. I’m now two thirds of the way through this project and hopefully will be done in a couple more days.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Hoffy, Chance, Ivan and Apollo waiting for the farrier

Traveller was having fun on the gravel pile

Noble, Spike and O’Reilly

Lightening and Teddy

Winston, Chimano and Romeo

Darby and Ogie coming for breakfast very early one morning

Harmony and Missy having some quiet time

Sebastian, Gus and Asterik (apparently you had to be a somewhat dirty gray horse to be in this picture)

Justin trotting through the pasture with Bella

Maisie and MyLight hanging out nose to tail in the shade

Cinnamon and Bonnie waiting for breakfast

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