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Come Back in August

I will admit to feeling a bit curmudgeonly as I sat down to update the blog tonight. I’m usually a glass is half-full kind of person, and aside from cold I’m not not much of a weather complainer. However, when I looked at our forecast this morning, my thought was “seriously?”

Our original forecast wasn’t too bad. For a few days the forecast had been saying “periods of rain” with a high in the mid 50’s tomorrow. Not great but it could be worse. After all, periods of rain would indicate that there will also be periods without rain. The total rainfall accumulation was less than a half inch. More rain than we need right now but again, it could be worse. This morning the forecast for tonight and tomorrow had changed. Things had moved on to worse.

The first thing I realized was that we would see our high temperature in the morning at about 4am and the temperature would fall all day on Wednesday. In my experience, when you see your high temperature when you should be seeing your low temperature you generally aren’t going to enjoy the rest of what Mother Nature is bringing.

I next looked at the “details” button for the rainfall. More than two inches of rain between tonight and tomorrow. Let me assure you we were in no danger of getting dry around here. Two inches of rain seems completely unnecessary to me right now Mother Nature. So much for “periods of rain.” And on that note, why can’t this happen in August? It can’t rain too much in August. or June, or September. And the daytime temperature is welcome to fall all day during August. Seriously, why can’t this happen in August? Go away crazy weather pattern and come back anytime from June through September, but August would be particularly perfect.

The thought that made me want to weep was realizing that during this messed up weather with a high at 4am and inches of rain, that we would be having a farrier day during all of this gloriousness. I will admit that I kind of lost my ability to see the silver lining in things when I realized that not only would it be pouring rain and getting colder throughout the day, I would also get to chase horses around for a few hours during this mess that Mother Nature was dumping on us.

All of that means I’m in a pretty grumpy mood and I’m not looking forward to tomorrow with a great deal of enthusiasm. Especially since I have a lingering cough from a bout of bronchitis that I can’t seem to shake. I’m pretty over coughing. My stomach muscles are seriously over coughing. I keep reminding myself that I could be dealing with rush hour traffic and office politics. Schizophrenic weather dumping inches of rain on me both look slightly better from that perspective. I can’t say it makes anything look great, just less awful. I am choosing to own my first world problems and complain about them.


Taco, Nemo, B-Rad and Sebastian

Sam and Mick

Blu, Happy, Johnny and Lighty

Walden, Duesy, Fabrizzio and Bruno

Convey, Elfin, Thomas and Levendi



Rubrico, River and Kennedy; Rubrico was trying to steal the hay out of River’s mouth when I was taking their picture.

Toledo and Roho

Cocomo and Flyer were playing

Ewen hanging out with the cows

Moe said “I’ll pass on having my picture taken.” (Grand behind him)

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