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Cue the Green Acres Music Again . . .

My last post was about

Bush hung out by the pond while awaiting the “tow truck”

My dad used the tow rope to get the two vehicles hooked up. All of the dogs waited around for us to get things moving again. Apparently walking was not an option to any of the stranded passengers. They simply waited for the Gator to start moving again and then loaded themselves back up.

Trooper and Bugle waiting for us to get this show on the road again

After the tow line was secured we started working our way back to the barn through the various pastures. We had almost a mile to cover to get the Gator and passengers back to where they started. I spent a lot of time looking behind me to make sure the Gator was still attached and following along properly. Everyone was in their usual positions, dad in the driver’s seat, Bugle in the passenger seat, Trooper on the floorboard and Bush in the bed. The only thing different from the typical scene was that the Gator wasn’t actually running! We certainly made quite an interesting visual as I towed my dad and three dogs through the pastures. I had the theme song for Green Acres going through my head the whole time, it just seemed so appropriate for the situation.

My rear view (Trooper on the floorboard is kind of hidden against Bugle in the passenger seat since they both have black fur)

We made it back to the barn uneventfully and the dogs were able to avoid (horrors) walking all the way back. It was actually highly entertaining and I was giggling the whole time as I towed everyone along.

The sun is setting earlier and earlier these days and I took a few pictures of the gorgeous fall sky as I was feeding this afternoon. Sometimes I forget to really appreciate the beauty that surrounds me every day.

In one direction I saw pretty shades of pink

In another direction everything had an orange tint

Aside from the emergency towing session things have been relatively quiet this week. Tomorrow is a farrier day so I need to wrap this post up and prepare my list. Farrier day is typically on Fridays but this week it is Wednesday. Tomorrow will be a very busy day bringing horses in and out of the barn all day. Our lovely weather is supposed to continue through the rest of the week, with more high 60’s and low 70’s with sunshine. Weather wise tomorrow should be a perfect day for the farrier and another perfect day to be outside with the horses.

Thomas introducing himself to MyLight’s mom during her visit this past weekend

MyLight with her mom

L-R Bridget, Sky and Norman with Sparky the donkey behind them

B-Rad, Winston and Faune

Mr. O’Reilly and Lucky

The Big Boys grazing

Trigger and Homer

Ivan with Elfin behind him

Missy and MyLight

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