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Darby is a bay thoroughbred gelding who joined us from Ohio for retirement. Like most thoroughbreds Darby started his career at the race track. Since he doesn’t seem to have much of a race record it is probably safe to say that Darby was never destined for greatness at the track!

Darby and his mom

Darby and his mom met each other eleven years ago. After leaving the track Darby had made his way to an eventing barn. His owner at the time had gone through some life changes and had no time to ride Darby. Darby and his mom originally met when her daughter tried Darby. Her daughter was looking for a dressage horse to lease but since she was 5’10” and Darby is not a big horse they really weren’t a match. She decided to ride Darby herself and found that they suited each other well.

Another picture of Darby and his mom

Darby and his mom had quite a few memorable experiences together although they usually involved his knack for getting himself in trouble! The most memorable was Darby’s run to Taco Bell. His mom was away for the weekend and she had someone who was half leasing Darby at the time. The person leasing him was lunging him in the field down trail a bit from the barn when he spooked and bolted. She had to let go of the lunge line and off Darby went. Darby

MyLight’s mom was a part of Darby’s rescue team. In the last few years Darby has had his share of health challenges including being diagnosed with EMND (Equine Motor Neuron Disease). Vitamin E intake is essential for treatment of EMND. Since access to grass and regular grazing is the best source of Vitamin E, much better than stored forages or any Vitamin E supplement, we’re hoping Darby will benefit even more than most horses from his new life with us. Darby is lucky to have such a caring mom who has spared no effort or expense in treating his health challenges. Since Darby already has first hand experience with golf courses he should take to the retired routine of golf in the mornings followed by afternoons at the pool quite well!


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