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Dim Jason Lights Up

I never knew that our deer family would turn into a multi-post saga but somehow it did. Just when I thought our dim, misfit reindeer family was all settled we experienced a little Christmas miracle. But before I get to all of that, if you need to catch up on the saga of our reindeer family here all of the posts:

Now that you are caught up on all of that, I will take you to Wednesday evening. I had just posted my last blog about the deer family which now consisted of dim Jason and misfit Jason. About an hour later I was, of all things, sitting on the toilet when I heard a noise in our front yard. The toilet conveniently has a window located next to it so I looked outside. I didn’t see anything amiss, but upon a second glance I noticed something different. After a month of looking at dim Jason’s head and neck being dark, it was lit up.

I immediately rushed out of the bathroom yelling at Jason, “Your head is lit up! Do you hear me, your head is lit up!!” Jason rushed out the door and stood in amazement on our front porch. Dim Jason’s neck, head and antlers were proudly glowing, with golden misfit Jason watching.

When Carter saw dim Jason fully lit up, he demanded to know how dim Jason had been repaired. Jason and I have no idea what happened, so I told Carter that one of Santa’s elves had come to fix it. Since I heard a strange noise and suddenly dim Jason was lit up, that is my story and I’m sticking with it.

For five nights in a row dim Jason has not been dim. We both assumed the next day that dim Jason would be dim again, but he is still proudly glowing in the dark. Since misfit Jason had already been integrated into the herd I guess we’re leaving him for now. I’ve been referring to misfit Jason as cousin Eddie the last few days.

Who knows what the future will bring with our deer family.

misfit Jason (aka cousin Eddie), fully lit up but formerly dim Jason, Carter and me 

as a reminder this is the “before” picture of with dim Jason looking pretty dim while misfit Jason (now cousin Eddie) stares at him

Lotus, Cocomo, Lofty and Donneur (that’s Romeo hiding in the back)

Taylor and Alfie

Art and Baner

Cino and Renny

Missy, Maggie and Cinnamon

Cuffie and Charlotte

Romeo and Gibson

Lofty and Flyer

Apollo and Thomas

Revy and Moe playing

Penny, Jake and Calimba

Lotus and Silver

Nemo, B-Rad, Ascot and Taco . . . 

. . . a closer look at Nemo, B-Rad and Ascot . . .

. . . a closer look at Ascot


Bruno and Renny

Cuffie and Norman

Asterik and George

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