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Donkey (mis)Adventures Continue

As you read in our last post Sparky the donkey has made it known that he does not wish to change addresses. We did put him in the dry lot with water and hay in the open trailer. After almost 30 hours Sparky had opted not to drink or eat anything. Jason and I were getting really worried, so we broke down and gave him water from a bucket. He is so darn stubborn that we were genuinely worried that he would rather not drink and suffer the consequences than do anything against his wishes. Yes, Sparky really is that stubborn.

We’ve continued to work with Sparky, and have spent hours feeding him cookies and treats at the trailer. He still hasn’t put a single, solitary hoof in the trailer. However he does seem to be thinking about things a lot. For those of you who haven’t lived with a donkey they are thinkers, and take their time thinking things over (understatement of the year). I am hopeful that he is mulling over his decision to get on the trailer as he is lonely and unhappy with his current circumstances.

We’re also thinking about switching from our step-up stock trailer to my horse trailer with a ramp. The stock trailer feels much roomier inside since it is a stock trailer, but the ramp on my horse trailer might be useful. If Sparky decides to say “eff all of you” again and lay down there is at least the possibility that we could push him up the ramp. Like Sparky Jason and I are mulling over all of our options. So I guess the update is their is a lot of thinking going on from all involved parties! We’ll be back with another update in a couple of days.


Donneur and Lofty




Bergie and Oskar

Toldeo napping

Stormy and Clayton

George and Romeo waiting for breakfast


Traveller, Cinnamon and Lily doing some early morning grazing

Group roll: Alex and B-Rad are already in process and Darby is getting ready to join them

Rocky and Clayton

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