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Fainting Goat Reunion

The World’s Cutest Fainting Goats are finally reunited. The temporary fence creating the tiny paddock for Mina and Miss Lyle came down and there was a happy fainting goat reunion. Mina’s broken leg has been deemed almost completely healed by the vet and she no longer has to be confined to her tiny paddock. Jo was overjoyed to be reunited with Mina. Jo butted heads with Mina over and over and over. I think it was the fainting goat version of a happy dance.

Miss Lyle bounded around all over the pasture, and jumped from the top of one goat house to another as she surveyed her paddock that was now completely open to her again. It would be an understatement to say that Miss Lyle was sick of serving as Mina’s friend in the tiny isolation paddock.

Mina has lost a lot of flexibility around the hock joint in her right hind leg since the break was right at the hock joint. She will have a permanent reminder of her broken leg with a “hitch in her getalong.” Thankfully she has been very sensible so far and despite the exuberant greeting from her friend Jo she has continued to self limit her activity.

Jo and Mina enthusiastically head-butted each other about 100 times. I love that Jo’s back legs are not touching the ground in this picture.

getting ready for another head-butt . . .

. . . and another one . . .

. . . and yet another head-butt

Jo and Mina taking a walk around the pasture together

Miss Lyle and Mina were happy to have a lot more grazing room again

Miss Lyle felt the need to look at everything from a perch. Here she is on the dogloo . . .

. . . then she moved to the dog house


Johnny, Wiz and Renny

Cinnamon attending to an itchy spot on the one section of fence in her pasture that doesn’t have a hotwire on it.

Bergie thought the post of the run-in shed made a nice scratching post

Snappy and Slinky

Lucky and O’Reilly

Fabrizzio, Noble and Walden (Merlin hiding behind them)

Romeo, Gus and Lotus

Murphy and Dutch

Moe, Baby, Levendi and Thomas

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