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Finishing Spring Jobs

It is amazing to me that we’re already moving through May. It feels like New Year’s Day just happened 3 or 4 weeks ago, but in reality it was over four months ago. I’ve used the worth Marathon a lot lately, and that is generally an accurate description for spring and fall. Summer is more like a half marathon or a 3/4 marathon than a full marathon.

I think most of the spring work is done. I did body clips 14 and 15 last week. I might have a couple more horses to clip but I’m not quite ready to make that call, I’ll know in the next week or two if they’re going to finish shedding on their own or not. Crossing the majority of the body clips off the list is huge for me in the spring and I’m so grateful to Kate for helping me. Now the focus can return to “regular” grooming without having to block out big chunks of time for clipping.

Some of our other big spring projects are spring vaccinations for all of the horses and floating teeth on half the horses. Happily, vaccinations are all done and we’re close to being done with spring teeth floating. Instead of killing ourselves and the dentist by floating teeth all day long for a couple of days we instead choose to break it up into several shorter visits. In most ways I prefer this approach because everyone, horses, Jason and Melissa, and dentist aren’t exhausted and sick of each other. On the other hand I get tired of the dentist driving up my driveway repeatedly. We only have one short day with the dentist scheduled for next week and we’ll be done with spring teeth floating.

My last big spring project hasn’t gotten underway at all; sorting and relabeling all of the blankets and getting them to the person who does our blanket cleaning and repairs. I dread this job. Dragging around dozens of dirty horse blankets is just not my idea of a good time. In some years I’ve managed to turn this spring job into a July project. Since I tend to struggle with finding both the motivation and the time to sort, label and fold all of the blankets it’s easy for me to push this into a summer job. Since we have three farrier appointments and a dentist appointment over the next 8 days I’m confident the blanket sorting won’t happen in the near future. I’m good with that.


Blu, Murphy and Happy

Nemo and Mick

Gibson and Silver

Bruno and Lightning

Faune, Flyer and George

a closer look at Flyer and George


Baby, Tony and Elfin

Taco and B-Rad


Lighty and Nemo

Griselle and Bonnie

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