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Five Years . . . Continued

In May we hit the five year mark of officially building out our new-at-the-time farm. I shared some before and after pictures of the first part of the farm in this post. The parts of the farm in that post can be seen from the road. The majority of our farm cannot be seen from the road. The comment we hear the most from locals when they drive all the way down our driveway is “I had no idea all of this was back here.” There are two more barns and four run-in sheds that are invisible from the road.

Since Jason and I are gluttons for punishment we continue to think about other things we could build. We would like to build a third hay barn. You can never store too much hay. Right now we have to go to all three barns looking for things at times as the tools are scattered around everywhere. A structure dedicated solely for parking equipment would certainly be a nice addition. We are having a storage/workshop building constructed soon so all of the big tools, air compressor and air tools, etc. can all be located in the same place.

Farms are magnets for stuff. Big stuff like tractors and implements, little stuff like hand tools, and medium-sized stuff. Sadly most of the stuff is needed. Not on a daily basis but when you need it you need it right then. All this stuff needs a place to go and even with three barns we find ourselves bursting at the seams. So it seems we will forever be building barns, sheds, fences, running water and electrical lines, and generally engaging in activities that tend to make us grumpy.


Fencing in the barnyard around the second barn; The second and third barns are both multi-purpose barns. The main part of the barn is hay storage, and they have shedrows on the sides for stalls.

Building the run-in shed near the second barn

the second barn under construction

This is the same area as the pictures above, around the second hay barn, taken from the opposite ange.

Completed hay barn with shed-row taken from the same angle as above.

Looking into the pasture next to the second barn. The before picture.

The after picture of the view above. You can see the some of the pasture fencing, the run-in shed, and the roof of the second barn.

Looking at the same pasture as the above picture, I was just standing farther down the driveway when I took this picture.

Some of the perimeter fence around the farm under construction. We had to have a lot of work done with a bulldozer to clear paths for fences.

The driveway entrance to the third and final barn under construction.

Looking into the barnyard area to the third barn from the opposite direction. There is one of our countless gravel piles waiting to be spread. We’ve had about 100 loads of gravel spread around the farm in various places. On the driveway, around the barns, and around the gates in the pastures. We should own a gravel pit.

The gates into the third barn as it looks today.

Heading down the driveway towards the third barn.

The beginnings of the barnyard area around the third and final barn taken from the opposite direction.

The “after” picture of the same view in the picture above.

New fence being built along the driveway

What the same stretch of driveway looks like now

One of the curves in the driveway shortly after the fence was built

the same curve in the driveway with an actual driveway

another curve in the driveway with new fencing

what the same curve above looks like today

more new fencing

“after” view of the picture above

One of the big trees next to our driveway before there was a fence or a driveway

Jason sitting by the tree after the fences were built

the same tree in the driveway; picture taken in January 2013

the tree after our ice storm in March 2015

Thre tree next to the driveway on the right side is the same tree in the pictures above; a different view.

A couple of views of the front two barns and first three run-in sheds taken from the back half of the farm


Lightning and Slinky

Jason with Walden and Fabrizzio

O’Reilly and Jason

Silver playing with the halters

George found the perfect place to scratch both his neck and his rump

Hesse and Remmy

Stormy, Clatyon and Oskar

Mick and B-Rad grooming

Sebastian and Johnny

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