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Friday Pictures

Sparky the donkey and Traveller. Traveller is a large pony who did his share of winning in the pony hunters.

Faune; Faune is a Selle Francais (affectionately known as the ‘Big French Guy’ since he is 17.3) and was a very successful show hunter.

Something caught Lily’s attention. Lily is a Quarter Horse/Warmblood cross and showed in the jumpers. Lily is extremely photogenic when she wants to be and I tend to collect great pictures of her.

Trigger grazing with some of the Big Boys. Trigger is an Appendix Quarter Horse retired from t he hunter ring due to navicular. With his four stockings, blaze, and his dappled, chocolate palomino color he certainly tends to catch people’s notice!

Levendi looking at something with interest. Levendi is an Oldenburg and retired from the hunter ring.

Elfin and Trigger taking a moment to touch noses. Elfin is a Thoroughbred who showed in the Amateur Owner hunters. Elfin likes to be in the middle of anything and everything!

Tony; Tony is a Dutch Warmblood and was one of the top Amateur Owner hunters in the country during his career.

B-Rad and Asterik; B-Rad is a Belgian Warmblood who showed in the jumpers. Asterik is a Holsteiner who showed on the A circuit in both the hunters and the jumpers.

Slinky in the back and Lucky in the front. Slinky is a large pony and he specialized in pony equitation. Lucky is a Quarter Horse and retired from the trails.

Mr. O’Reilly, Snappy and Chili. O’Reilly is an Irish bred gelding and retired from the jumper ring. Snappy is a Polish bred gelding who competed through the four star level in eventing and finished up his career as a show hunter. Chili is a Quarter Horse and he worked cattle and also hit the trails.

Faune and Sebastian; Sebastian is a Connemara/Irish Draught cross that excelled at everything. He was an excellent foxhunter, and also showed in the hunters, jumpers and in eventing. What a fun horse he must have been to ride!

B-Rad and Ogie; Ogie is a Thoroughbred and retired from eventing.

Lily, Cuffie and Missy are all spread out. Cuffie is a welsh pony and retired from the pony hunters. Missy is a Quarter Horse and is a large pony, she worked for many years on a dude ranch before being adopted by her current family. The dude ranch had sent her to a kill buyer and she was rescued in the nick of time.

Buffy and MyLight; both are Thoroughbred mares. Buffy is a retired show hunter and MyLight is a retired dressage horse.

Ivan and Elfin; Ivan is a Thoroughbred and retired from the jumper ring.

Billy, Jo (world’s cutest fainting goat along with Mina) and Bubba grazing in the shade.

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