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Friday Pictures + Blanket Review

Things have been fairly quiet on the farm this week. The rain cleared out late Tuesday evening after dumping about two inches of rain on us. I put my hand under countless blankets on Tuesday making sure the occupants were dry underneath and was pleased to have a 100% success rate. This was our second time sheeting/blanketing for rain. The first time the horses really did not need weatherproofing but it is always best to test things out at the beginning of the season with a warm rain rather than finding out the waterproofing is gone with a cold rain. I did weed out a few on the first round.

As far as durability and holding their waterproofing I like the Horseware Rambo line of blankets the best, hands down with no competition. The other Horseware lines of Rhino and Amigo are also really good as well as long as the blankets are the ones made of 1200 denier nylon. In group living I find that anything less than 1200D is not going to hold up very well. Following closely behind the Horseware lines in no particular order I also like the Pessoa blankets, the Dover Rider’s line (especially the Northwinds) and certain styles of Weatherbeetas (there are also some Weatherbeetas that I don’t care for).

A couple of horses have Gatsby blankets and they seem to hold up and stay waterproof although I only have a sample size of two. There are also a few residents that have Saxon sheets and blankets which I believe are also made by Weatherbeeta and I have been happy with them as well. I have heard great things about Bucas blankets but don’t have any experience with them. I definitely have certain brands that I don’t like at all, but we all know what opinions are worth!

On to some pictures of the retirees and I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Slinky and Teddy

Asterik grazed while B-Rad attended to an itchy spot



Apollo asking Ivan to share breakfast with him. Ivan said no. Apollo always finished ahead of Ivan because he gets fed less and he stands there and licks the outside of Ivan’s feedbag while Ivan finishes.

O’Reilly and Lucky enjoying a grooming session

B-Rad and Trillion

L-R Cuffie, Lily, MyLight and Buffy

O’Reilly, Slinky and Clay

I could not resist this picture of Sky and Sparky

L-R Norman, Cinnamon, Bonnie, Sparky, Sky

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