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Fun Videos and Merry Christmas

The horses have been very cooperative subjects lately and I’ve had the opportunity to take a lot of fun videos in addition to the pictures. I’m thinking four videos is probably more than enough for one post!

I am happy to say I have not made one single trip to a mall or other crowded retail location in order to do my Christmas shopping, however I will be the first to say I don’t do much shopping. My family has never been the type where you feel the pressure to find the perfect gift for each and every person and we keep things very low key. When you are like me and you hate shopping this is a plus. The internet can be a wonderful thing and I had all of my shopping done in a few clicks of a mouse in about 45 minutes. Then everything was delivered to the front door. Beautiful.

As always Jason and I will be working on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However we are looking forward to enjoying some family time as well. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and holiday season. As always I have so many things to give thanks for on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas to all!

In order of appearance Tiny, Stormy, Johnny, Rocky, Rampal and Toledo having a good run around the pasture.

Ogie, Darby, B-Rad and Alex. I don’t know what is cuter, Darby running along with a huge mouthful of hay or Alex trying to chew his hay while he trots along. What a tough life!

Tiny, Stormy and Johnny having a rollfest

Elfin enjoying a nice roll including his signature “dogwalk” at the end

Homer enjoying a nice roll . . .

. . . and then showing off the results of his efforts

Jason walking through one of the pastures

Boo, Wiz, Murphy and Dutch grazing very early in the morning

Bonnie, Lexi and Sparky

Rampal was really enjoying his grooming time



Norman and Lexi

Cinnamon, Sparky and Sky

the matching faces were too cute and I had to take their picture; Faune and Chimano

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