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Fun with Equipment

I often think that Jason spends as much time doing maintenance, and sometimes repair work, on equipment as he does actually using the equipment. I’m convinced that either farm equipment comes back reincarnated as horses or vice versa. Horses and farm equipment both look big and sturdy, but in reality they are both very delicate and require a lot of maintenance, and of course a lot of angst.

When we had finished our final mowing of the pastures last fall Jason washed, greased and thoroughly serviced the Bushhog before putting it away for a few months. He went through the entire routine again a couple of days ago as he pulled the Bushhog out from hibernation and prepared to start mowing pastures. If there is one thing I have learned about equipment maintenance it is that grease is your friend.

Unfortunately I got called to help as he was servicing the Bushhog. For reasons known only to him, he had decided to take apart the PTO shaft of the Bushhog. Maybe it needed grease? That meant it had to be put back together. Taking it apart was a one person job, putting it together was a two person job. It also required Jason to bark orders at me in a tone that would put a drill sargent to shame, all while throwing out a litany of “daddy words.” I learned that phrase at Carter’s preschool and I think it’s perfect.

Eventually Jason was satisfied that the Bushhog was serviced and greased to his satisfaction and everything was ready to go. Thanks to our rain deficit there isn’t nearly as much grass in need of mowing as their should be at this time of year.

While I was helping Jason he made a passing comment about taking the front end loader off the Ford tractor because “some cylinders needed attention” or something along those lines. As soon as I realized what he was saying my brain stopped listening. I want nothing to do with this. The one thing I know for certain is it will be my goal in life to be nowhere near Paradigm Farms the day he tackles that project.


greasing all the things

getting everything hooked back up

apparently he wasn’t happy with something

making sure the wings were raising and lowering correctly

mowing the pastures . . . finally

Charlotte and Cinnamon

Renatta and Maisie

Duesy and Havana

Sabrina and Griselle

Oskar and Johnny

Havana and Cino

Ripley with Donovan and Walon

Remmy and Baner

Maisie and Lily

Asterik, George and Cocomo

Convey and Chance

Grand and Rip

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