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Good Enough ?

Melissa and I get complimented on the new place fairly often, and for some reason this is especially true lately. As you might expect we never get tired of this….I don’t know anyone who *doesn’t* like to hear praise when someone is complementing their choice of real estate, but at the same time it’s kind of embarrassing because when Melissa and I look at the place we see everything that remains to be done. To us, it’s a work that is still very much in progress.

With a couple of exceptions, most of what remains to be done could be considered “finish” work. We need to change the grade in a couple of spots, we could always use a few more loads of gravel and we need to work away at finishing some of the interior spaces in a couple of our buildings. Truthfully, it’d be nice to add a couple of lean-to’s to some of our existing structures too, and there is always fence to paint, etc, etc, etc. Most of this stuff will get done eventually, but as much as our Type A personalities would like to get it all done right now I think Melissa and I are taking the winter off from any more construction projects. Maybe after years of marriage and working together we’re finally learning that there is sanity in saying, ” Good enough.” It’s a nice thought, anyway. Stay tuned for more !

Have you hugged your goat today ? Jason and Jo enjoying a treat.

Kennedy, Rocky, Toledo, Johnny, Tiny, Stormy. WHY are they in the run in sheds when it’s 72 degrees and sunny ???

Does it get any better than this ? Lucky, Snappy, Lightening, Thor, Silky and Noble

Apollo, Ivan, Moe, Grand, Thomas and Hemi

A nice shot of some of our buildings

Norman and Calimba


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