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Happy Birthday Apollo and A Gorgeous Day

Today truly made up for our last two days of yucky weather. A high right at 70 degrees, bright sunshine, and a gentle, warm breeze. Perfect! The horses were shocked when we put their blankets on them on Monday morning. They haven’t worn blankets in awhile. To add insult to injury they all had their spring vaccinations Monday afternoon. I think it is safe to say that the horses were not thrilled with us humans on Monday between being blanketed and then being vaccinated. However today was a beautiful day that more than made up for the last two days, and the horses were thrilled when we pulled off their blankets this morning.

Good thing I was quick with the camera. If I had blinked I would have missed this moment.

This was the result

We were commenting today on how relaxed and “zen like” the horses were today. I think the weather was just so perfect, they had their blankets removed, and the setting was perfect. We saw lots of mutual grooming and happy horses.

Tony on the left and Leo on the right grooming each other. They are both Dutch Warmbloods and look so much alike – the same shade of chestnut and lots of chrome!

Homer (Irish Thoroughbred) in the front and Levendi (Oldenburg) in the back grooming each other. Homer and Levendi were both “A” circuit hunters prior to retirement.

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