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Happy Birthday Bear and the Big Boys Play

We had more gorgeous weather this weekend, with our streak of 70’s and sunshine continuing. We are getting really spoiled with the weather the last few weeks. It was a great weekend for being outside and everyone on the farm, people and animals, were smiling.

Today (Sunday) was Bear’s 10th birthday. He certainly doesn’t act any differently than he did when he was two! Bear celebrated his birthday in style. He had some pieces of ham and steak for his birthday dinner and of course followed that up with a piece of cake. I must add it was a tiny piece of cake as Jason was very opposed to him having any at all. What a party pooper.

Bear didn’t need to make a wish because he gets everything he wants anyway! Well, he was trying to eat the cake while Jason held him back so maybe he doesn’t get everything he wants.

Bear eating his token piece of cake while Gracie the cat looks on. Bear takes after me and he looooves cake! Gracie thought she wanted cake as well so we gave her some, but she didn’t eat it.

Leo and Thomas are our playful duo. At about 32 seconds they trot across the pasture together. I would NOT want to be the judge of that hack class! At 2:50 they gallop around the field again, and at 3:15 Levendi joins them while they run. At the very end we also see Homer, Chance and Elfin.

Mr. O’Reilly and Chili grazing together. O’Reilly is an Irish bred gelding who showed in the jumpers. Chili is a Quarter Horse gelding who worked cattle and was also an excellent trail horse in the Colorado mountains.

Snappy; Snappy is a Polish bred gelding who competed through the four star level in eventing with the famous rider Mark Todd of New Zealand. Snappy was then sold to a rider in the U.S. and crashed at a cross country jump (rider error). After having tendon surgery on both front legs after the crash Snappy began a new career in the hunters. He won a lot, including being champion of the World Champion Hunter Rider Children’s Hunter final at the Capitol Challenge Horse Show.

I disturbed her nap and she was giving me a really groggy look here; she was not happy with my intrusion!

MyLight; MyLight is a Thoroughbred mare and is retired from dressage.

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