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Happy Family

As Jason mentioned in our last post we had quite a weather shift this week. We went from temperatures in the 70’s to temperatures hovering right around/above freezing day and night, and lots of precipitation. I mean a LOT of precipitation. So far the weather forecasters have pretty much gotten it wrong every single day. We were supposed to have what everyone was referring to as the Ice Apocalypse. We did have some freezing rain come down every day this week. Thankfully it always changed back to rain so no havoc was wreaked on middle Tennessee, occasionally it even stopped precipitating for brief periods of time.

Well, that is not entirely accurate. I imagine by Monday evening there wasn’t a carton of eggs, a loaf of bread, or a container of milk left in any grocery store in the state. Havoc was wreaked regardless of if the weather event actually happened. Since Jason and I were still not eating thanks to our stomach flu this was not a problem for us (I’m still not eating but that’s not really the point of this blog . . . ).

We were lied to by the meteorologists and told this gross weather would clear out by Tuesday. Then on Tuesday we were told it would clear out on Wednesday. Then on Wednesday we were told it would clear out by Thursday. Are you seeing a pattern here?

It did, finally, clear out this afternoon, and – GASP – the sun came out. I was starting to think I was going to live with this crap weather forever, and we were going to have to learn to coexist like two hearts that beat as one. This was not making me happy. This was not making Jason happy either. This meant it was hard for anyone to be happy in our house. As I commented to Jason that we weren’t providing Carter the most cheerful environment ever the last few days, he said, in all seriousness, “dammit, we are a happy family!!” I kid you not. I just looked at him with a confused expression while trying to understand why on earth he couldn’t see the conflicting items in that statement.

Quite frankly, the only ones that didn’t seem to mind this crap weather were the horses. I’m telling you it just plain isn’t fair that you can throw a waterproof blanket on them and they act freaking immune to this miserable weather. As I threaten to do every year, I am seriously thinking about packing up myself, Carter, Jason and the horses and moving to the Keys. However it is looking I will be able to hang on here for at least a few more days. If the weather forecasters actually got the forecast right it is supposed to be sunny the next few days, and warmer. Note I didn’t say warm, but at least we’ll be sunny and in the 50’s for a few days.


Stormy and Rocky

Silky and Maisie

Chili, Renny, Wiz, Murphy, Lighty and Johnny

Oskar, Toledo and Stormy


Cuff Links

Kennedy and Bergie

Romeo and Faune were playing

Silver though that looked fun so he played with Faune for awhile; George was ignoring them

Baby, Homer, Moe, Levendi and Trigger

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