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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Webb family! As you can see, we went with a Star Wars theme this year as Carter wanted to be a storm trooper. The original plan was for Jason to be BB8 and me to be Chewbacca. Unsurprisingly, grumpy Jason had issues with this plan. He put on the BB8 costume, turned on the air pump, and then immediately announced he couldn’t wear it because it was “too claustrophobic and he felt like he was breathing plastic.” I was quite looking forward to being Chewbacca, but I made the switch with Jason, put on the BB8 costume, and aired myself up. Jason put on the Chewbacca costume and wore it barely long enough for us to get this picture. He also had issues with that costume as it “was like wearing a fur coat and he was too hot.” On the other hand, I managed to walk to about 20 houses as BB8. I think my Big Bird costume was better last year, but I thought our costumes were great this year as well. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween!

Jason as Chewbacca, me as BB8, Carter as a storm trooper


Missy and Maggie

happy grazers; Johnny, Lighty, Sam, Ascot, Quigly, Blu and Happy

Fabrizzio and Havana

Merlin, Remmy and Cino

Havana and Renny

Thomas, Cisco and Levendi

Apollo and Hemi

Dolly, Penny and Traveller

Blu and Sebastian

George and Asterik


Miel and Lighty being wild

Charlotte and Missy


Trigger and Baby

Squirrel and Sushi

Renny, Duesy, Merlin, Art and Remmy


Squirrel was determined to get Gus to play with him, even if he had to resort to pulling his tail

Ricardo and Homer playing

Convey, Chance and Baby

Cocomo and Donneur

Cuffie and Cinnamon

Maisie and Traveller

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