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Here’s Your Sign

Before I get to the punch line of this story I need to set the stage a little bit. You will recall that we have had, especially by southern standards, a cold winter. In case you missed any of our rants blog posts about it you can find a few of them below:

You will see a familiar timeframe of events in these posts. It gets colder than normal, TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) declares the state to be in a State of Emergency, the schools are closed, and Jason removes the battery from our highly temperamental tractor and places it inside our pantry.

We pretty much followed the status quo in the last 24 hours. The temperatures dropped lower than normal again, we had winter precipitation in the forecast, TEMA declared a State of Emergency again, the schools closed again, Jason lovingly tucked the tractor battery in with the food items in our pantry again. Blah, blah, blah . . . we all know the drill at this point.

Thankfully we received almost none of the winter precipitation and there are no days under freezing in our forecast and we should hit the mid 60’s again this weekend. I would like to point out this is how it should be for our area this time of year, not daytime highs below freezing. If I never hear the words “unseasonably cold” again I would be fine with that Mother Nature. Really. Promise.

Anyway, we were carrying about life as normal today after our winter storm threat had moved along to make someone else’s life miserable and put some other state in a State of Emergency. Jason got on the tractor this afternoon to move feed and put out hay. He turned the key to start the tractor and nothing happened, not one single sound or sign of life. To say that Jason was looking unhappy would not begin to cover it.

Just as he was beginning to panic he apparently had a moment of clarity and blurted out “BLEEP. The bleeping battery is still in the house! What kind of bleeping idiot takes the bleeping battery out of the tractor and doesn’t put it back?” (side note, I love the performance reviews he gives himself whenever he does something stupid) Jason stomped off to the house to retrieve the battery from the pantry and reunite it with the tractor.

A few minutes later Jason comes stomping back with the tractor battery in tow. After installing the battery he climbs back on the tractor and still I hear no signs of life from the tractor. Not so much as a click. I turn around to look and see Jason sitting there staring at the ignition with a blank look. I hesitantly ask ask what’s wrong as I really was not sure I wanted to know at this point, and Jason tells me he can’t find the keys. For anyone who does not know, Jason is the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world when it comes to losing keys.We commenced searching for the keys and found them sitting on top of the tractor where Jason had last put them down.

Jason returning the battery to the tractor

Jason finally starts the tractor and drives off a mere half hour after he originally went to get on the tractor. I didn’t say anything as he was driving away as I was 99% sure he would not have seen the humor in my thoughts, but what I was thinking was “here’s your sign.” We all have those days where if there is a hard way to do something we will find it. Jason was definitely having one of those days.


B-Rad and Lighty


Murphy and Wiz

Dutch and Alex

Toledo and Kennedy (are you noticing a them with these picture? No one could stay upright apparently)

Silver and George

Faune, Donneur and Flyer

Lofty and Gibson

Noble and Lightning

World’s Cutest Fainting Goats looking kind of like gremlins; Miss Lyle, Jo and Mina

Trigger and Grand

Cocomo and Silver

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