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I Own Too Many

There are so many ways I could fill in this sentence, especially as it relates to horses. I’m sure Jason is reading this and thinking “she owns too many bridles saddles leather halters saddle pads horse blankets horses. Yeah, if I have to pick ONE thing she owns too many of it would be horses.” What I am actually sitting here thinking is I own too many blankets. More specifically I own too many Horseware blankets since that is the only brand I buy.

Yes, I know, the Rambos are expensive and it painful to pay for them but I own a LOT of them. I will also buy the less expensive Horseware brands of Rhino and Amigo if the horse I am buying for is easy on their blankets. Their pasture mates need to be easy on their blankets as well. Both criteria have to be met or I suck it up and buy the Rambos.

I am a self admitted blanket ‘ho. I own way too many of them, and of course I buy the expensive ones. I also have a weakness for nice bridles and leather halters. For some reason I can (mostly) control my desire to purchase another bridle or halter that my horses don’t need, but I lose all control when it comes to blankets.

The irony of this is that of the 5 equids that I am outfitting, 4 horses and 1 donkey, I hardly ever blanket three of them. Miracle absolutely hates wearing a blanket and has worn a sheet or blanket exactly two times this winter. Sky and Bonnie are also rarely sheeted/blanketed as they just don’t need it. Hoffy and Sparky the donkey give their clothes a workout. Regardless of the fact that 3 of the 5 hardly wear blankets at all I will literally lay awake at night worrying if my horses have a large enough wardrobe. “What if Bonnie rips her sheet? Sparky HAS to have a blanket, if he breaks a chest snap he has to have a back-up.”

Bonnie got a new wardrobe of Rambo Supremes two years ago. Unfortunately when I was browsing the SmartPak website in their sales section a couple of weeks ago I saw they had Rambo Plus blankets and sheets on sale. She now has a new wardrobe of Rambo Plus turnouts. Given that she’s hardly worn the Rambo Supremes even I could not make a rational argument for purchasing new blankets for her but they were on sale . . . and you never know . . . and now I have them just in case . . .

Then my friend Lauren posted on Facebook that Adams had some Rambos in their closeout section. I tried very hard not too look. I sat on my hands for an hour. I did some bookkeeping, answered some emails, tried desperately to forget about the fact that Adams had some Rambo blankets on closeout. Then I thought, “wellllllll, I’ll just look. No harm in looking.” Like the Horseware addict I am just looking turned into just buying and now Hoffy has a new set of Rambos on the way. They should be delivered tomorrow. Nevermind the fact that he got new blankets in the fall. Since this is in tiny print Jason can’t see this part.

I own too many Horseware blankets. I need a 12 step program. I am normally a very smart, logical person and a saver when it comes to money, not a spender. Not when it comes to Horseware blankets. My horses will never be without a blanket or a sheet, even though most of them hardly ever wear them anyway. Makes perfect sense, right??


Largo and Clayton having a grooming session

Rocky taking a nap

Toledo and Kennedy rolling so close together they bumped into each other

Then they almost had another collision as they were getting up

Rampal and Stormy

Thor, Fabrizzio and Walden

Chili, Sam, Dutch and Wiz

Darby, Lighty and Alex

I took this picture simply because I liked the view

Hoffy and Bonnie

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