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Just Another Day

Today was just another day on the farm. A very pleasant one really. The first thing I do every morning when I wake up is I start soaking the bucket of alfalfa cubes that I bring in the house with me every night. A couple of the older residents have teeth that are not in great shape, or I should say the few teeth they have left aren’t in great shape. So they get a mush of alfalfa cubes and complete feed a couple of times a day. Personally I think waking up and preparing for the day to the smell of alfalfa is as good as or better than the smell of coffee. I happen to love the smell of coffee but hate the taste so I’m not a coffee drinker. Jason always has his morning cup though.

We’re still in blanketing season of course and I’ve been playing a bit of musical blankets. We’ll have a a few days where it is pleasant and everyone on the farm is nekkid. Then it will cool off just a bit and the ones that I tend to blanket the most aggressively will be wearing sheets, and if it is also supposed to be really windy or raining then everyone is wearing sheets. And then of course there are the times when everyone has on their blankies.

We’re getting ready to have a cold snap the next few days with the evening temps well below freezing for the next three nights so all of the horses are sporting their blankets. I am definitely loving my new cart as I hauled blankets all over creation in it today! I have to say it is quite a satisfying feeling to think of them all snuggly with their blankets on. And I do realize that is classic anthropomorphism and most of them would be just fine without their blankets. It definitely does a lot for my mental health though!

Jason teases me about my cart full of blankets. I bought some bungee cords so I could strap down my big, puffy loads of blankets. The top blankets would shift and fall out when I hit bumps. Anyway, Jason and I rarely watch TV (like almost never – our TV will go weeks at a time without being turned on) but we stumbled onto the TV show Ice Road Truckers one time. When we do watch TV we like the History Channel, Discover, Animal Planet, National Geographic and such. Yeah, we’re pretty boring! So we’ve watched Ice Road Truckers several times and you would always see these guys out in -40 weather strapping down their loads on their big rigs to head out onto the ice road. Thus Jason calls me the Paradigm Farms Trucker when I am strapping down my blanket loads in the cart. Re-reading this paragraph makes me realize we need to get our more often or something!

Leo, Homer and Elfin in their blankets

Clay, Snappy and Lucky in their blankets. I really like Lucky’s plaid blanket.

Silky whom we ended up nicknaming Slinky (long story!). Jason dubbed him “Slink in Pink” when he has his cute little pony blanket on.

Missy, another cute retired pony sporting her blanket. Maybe we should switch her blankets with Slinky’s and she can wear pink and Slinky can take over her more manly colored blankets.

Chance lounging around in his blanket with Bella the dog admiring his taste in fashion.

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