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Ladybug Invasion

It kind of felt like we were living in that old Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” today. The main difference being that instead of being swarmed by birds we were being swarmed by ladybugs. I was walking down our driveway late in the morning and noticed a few ladybugs flying around. As I continued on a few more steps all of a sudden it felt like I was walking through a wall of ladybugs. I kept walking and in a few more steps I was out of the swarm. However as I walked down our (almost mile long) driveway I kept walking in and out of clouds of ladybugs. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Jason’s comment to me was that every ladybug that is, was or ever will be showed up at our farm today. I was seriously beginning to think that we had some sort of plague happening at our farm. Thankfully my facebook feed let me know it wasn’t just our farm, but apparently all of middle Tennessee was living under a cloud of ladybugs.

Our house was also covered in ladybugs and every time we opened a door to go in or out approximately 5,000 ladybugs (ok that is an exaggeration) decided to come inside. Since I don’t have anything else to do I spent some quality time with the Dyson this evening vacuuming up ladybugs from the window sills and off the trim work around the doors and windows in the house. Looking on the bright side, now would be a good time to have company over, or maybe my mom, since I am very confident that all of my windowsills and door frames are very clean and would pass a white glove test. When does that ever happen?!

Anyone else experiencing clouds of ladybugs, or are we in middle Tennessee just special right now?


Homer, Leo and Grand


Apollo and Moe

Clayton and Stormy out on a stroll

Our newest resident Walon (read that with a short a, not along a) and Donovan


Bergie on the go

Snappy and Slinky on the run; at 30 and 36 years old respectively they are two of our oldest residents. Slinky is our oldest retiree at 36 while our youngest retiree is 9 years old.


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