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Life with Igor

Like all cats, Igor assumes he is in charge of everything in his kingdom. He particularly enjoys supervising us and the horses during morning chores. Igor doesn’t miss anything, and I’m certain he could tell us about every last thing that happens on the front half of the farm.

Igor and Jason have a little ritual during morning feedings. Jason calls Igor very loudly, Igor goes running over to Jason, then Jason picks him up and carries him around for a few minutes to assist Igor in his supervisory duties. Keep in mind that, in his own words, Jason is “not a cat person.” Words and actions Jason, words and actions.

Igor making his rounds, checking on the horses. Art keeps an eye on him as Igor marches past.


Igor making sure Gus is grazing properly


Igor supervising breakfast. Remmy, Cino, Duesy, Havana and Taylor all stay quiet and orderly under Igor’s watch.


Igor gets some assistance from Jason  . . . 


. . . Igor’s day isn’t off to a proper start without a lift from Jason


Baner grazing, Remmy and Duesy grooming


Happy and Taco


Wilson and Ripley grooming


Moe and Apollo


Roho, Gus and Walon


Asterik and George


Nemo and Quigly grooming


Art, Havana and Taylor must have lined up under Igor’s direction for breakfast




Jo and Miss Lyle helping themselves to some hay


Romeo and Donneur

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