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Lily and Norman

Jason and I were blessed to welcome two amazing new additions to our family this week. Lily and Norman made the trek from Northern Illinois early this week. Sometimes life seems to work itself out and the presence of Lily and Norman on our farm are a perfect example of this.

Lily checking out her new surroundings

I don’t think Norman knows where he is yet, he has yet to lift his head

We maintain an active waiting list for Paradigm Farms. I try to go in order as best as I can when accommodating new horses, but this isn’t always the way things work out. Herd dynamics are extremely important on our farm since most of the horses live outside in groups 24/7. Thus, when we have an opening I cannot necessarily go straight to the next horse on the list. I have to go to the next horse on the list that is the most likely to be a good fit with the pasture that has an opening.

Lily’s reaction to the goats

Even with a chicken standing under him Norman didn’t lift his head

As you all know, I really struggled with in this post.

Lily has her knees literally to her chin in both of these pictures. I like the expression of horse and rider in both pictures, calm determination.

Norman has been in their family since 1998. Norman was purchased for Kate’s younger daughter and she started showing him when she was seven years old and continued to ride and show him until she turned twelve, at which point she had physically outgrown him. Norman is only 12.2 hands which makes him a medium pony, but a very small medium pony. Although Norman has some arthritis in his hocks now I’ve still managed to see what a fancy mover he is, and the pictures certainly show that he had great form over the jumps! Norman carried his rider to a lot of wins including three year end championships in their final year of showing together.

I have managed to get on Norman’s nerves as his first day here I kept hugging him because I just couldn’t resist. Norman kept letting me know he didn’t care for all of this hugging by nipping at me and I finally got the message and have ceased with the hugs! Norman has certainly channeled the same spirit that Cuffie has as he never lifts his head from the grass during his multiple, short grazing periods each day. Again, Kate tells Norman’s story much more eloquently than I do in this blog post.

Even though he is just cantering over this little jump from a long spot he still has even knees while he takes care of his young rider.

Norman shows excellent form over this jump – pony and rider are so CUTE!

Welcome to the family Lily and Norman!

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