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Long Weekend

It was nice to have a long “weekend” of sorts. Of course Jason and I don’t really get a break from the day to day work, all of the horse care goes on as usual. However I’ve ignored my e-mail for the most part for the last few days and my cell phone has pretty much been turned off. I’ll confess that my cell phone spends more time sitting in the barn wherever I’ve set it down and forgotten it than actually on my person anyway.

Yeah, I’m one of those people who is constantly having to call their phone to find it. I don’t like to have it with me when I’m feeding horses or doing a lot of hands on horse stuff simply because the darn thing is guaranteed to ring at exactly the wrong time and spook a horse or make someone jerk their head up just as I was about to successfully slip on a halter on after chasing them around for a few minutes. (moral of the story here people is that if you need to reach me quickly e-mail is your best bet because I can’t even find my phone half the time so I’m completely unaware that you’ve called five times and I’m never in the house to answer the home phone. On the other hand I’ve not yet managed to misplace my computer!)

I do love Thanksgiving food and I especially love cornbread dressing. I don’t particularly like stuffing though, or whatever you call it when you cook it actually in the bird. I come from a long line of cornbread dressing eaters and we’ll fight over the stuff at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also don’t like pumpkin pie (yes, yes I know I am weird and in the minority) so my mom usually makes a cherry pie and/or a pecan pie (made with Karo syrup of course) in addition to the traditional pumpkin pie.

The weather was really nice through Thanksgiving Day (upper 70’s and sunny) but then we had a cold front come through late Thursday evening. After reading Kate’s blog over at A Year With Horses I feel guilty about not riding the last couple of days. Yesterday was in the low 50’s and today was in the high 50’s. Jason asked me yesterday why I didn’t ride and I said I was too cold. I’m fervently hoping that fall will continue on until March and we’ll just skip December, January and February. A girl can dream. Of course then you wouldn’t get to listen to me whine and complain about being cold all the time.

The next couple of posts will be picture heavy and I’m sure I’ll have no complaints. I’ve been camera happy the last 10 days or so and the pictures have piled up!

I pretty much take this picture of the Big Boys every Thanksgiving. They all must go into a food coma or something. The nappers are Levendi, Leo, Trigger and Hemi (in dead horse position). Elfin and Apollo are grazing and Ivan, Thomas and Homer are hanging out.

I couldn’t get all of the nappers in one picture – this is Baby and Chance (with Hemi napping behind them) and they were just off to the right of the picture above.

A closer picture of Levendi, Leo and Trigger

Chance went down into dead horse position

Baby in the front with Leo, Levendi and Trigger behind him

Hemi napping with Thomas and Ivan hanging out behind him


Tiny with Toledo and Rocky behind him

Alex, Fuzzy and Clay


Winston and Chimano

Faune and Asterik

I had to get a closer picture of Faune to capture the drooping lower lip

Sebastian and Faune

Dutch went streaking across the pasture. All of the horses had moved to a different area of the pasture and he was intently grazing, then he looked up and found himself alone. Off he went!


Missy, Lily, Maisie, Harmony and Cuff Links


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