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Lost and Found

I mentioned in my last post that I lost my cell phone. How annoying is that? I decided to ride out in the pastures while I had the chance. We had a couple of the pastures resting and I love riding out in the field and I don’t get to do that as often as I would like since they’re usually all occupied. Sometime while riding either Bonnie or Lexi my cell phone holder fell off, taking my cell phone with it.

I spent quite awhile walking around out in the pasture calling my cell phone with Jason’s cell phone. I never found it. I’ve said before that Jason is the best husband ever, and he volunteered to go get me a replacement phone on Friday since I would be busy all day with the farrier. It was out of his way to go to the Verizon store as well but he went cheerfully. Quite frankly I hate phones of any sort and didn’t miss that stupid phone ringing one bit. The problem is I’m never inside to either answer or use our home phone so I guess a cell phone does has its advantages. So even though I loved the idea of not replacing it that didn’t really seem to be an option.

Of course as I cut across the pasture in question late Friday afternoon while I was finishing up dinner feeding what did I happen to trip over? Of course it was my cell phone, still in its holder. The battery hadn’t even run down completely and it showed the almost 40 missed phone calls where I had called it repeatedly trying to find it. As I walked back to the house Jason happened to drive up just then. He rolled down his window to pass my new phone to me. I sheepishly held up the “lost” phone that I had just found. Thankfully we both managed to find our sense of humor about this and chose to laugh over the $305 we had just spent replacing my no longer lost phone. Unfortunately I had just replaced my phone back in September as the previous phone succumbed to being submerged in a water trough (I really think subconsciously I’m trying to get rid of my cell phone). Since it hadn’t been long enough for me to simply pay the upgrade fee (or whatever it is called) to get a new phone as I had just done that in the fall Jason had to pay full retail price. So I now have two identical phones.

Other than that I haven’t done anything else particularly stupid or newsworthy in the last few days. We did have a new arrival last week who has been quite fun to be around his first week. His name is Winston and I haven’t had time to properly introduce him yet. He is a very pretty bay thoroughbred gelding who joins us from Florida. Winston is pretty in love with having good grazing which is the usual reaction from our newcomers.

Cuffie also began introductions with his new roomies over the last few days. He will be living with

Cuffie introducing himself to Apollo over the fence

Cuffie nipping Apollo on the nose; Apollo seemed to find this cute and played with Cuffie over the fence for a minute

Relaxed horses grazing on Saturday

Chance grazing

Elfin and Leo in the front (you can see a glimpse of Baby behind Elfin) with Dustin and Levendi in the back

Henry and Faune practicing for a pairs class

Winston trotting across the paddock checking out his new place last week

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