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Magical Time of Day

Summer mornings are truly a special time of day at the farm. We start our days early in the summer, and the last few weeks I have been starting even earlier than usual. I’m naturally more of a night owl so I don’t really relish getting up well before the crack of dawn. However one amazing result of these pre-dawn starts is I have the opportunity to see a lot of sunrises.

Honestly most of the time I am too focused on the task at hand to really pay much attention as the light begins to creep across the sky. Some mornings the view is so spectacular that it distracts me from scooping feed, dishing out supplements, and feeding horses. When I look up and see such breathtaking scenery as in the pictures below, I essentially have no choice but to stop what I am doing and and stare at the view in awe. This morning as I was walking down the driveway the whole farm looked like it was an oil painting, in fact not just a painting but a masterpiece.

This morning the whole farm looked like it was straight out of a painting. Just think of the picture I could have taken if I was not using a pocket sized point-and-shoot camera.

August 13th, lots of color with a soft glow

August 30th, dramatic orange and purple

July 15th, a picture didn’t really do this view justice as the colors were soft and subtle and my camera isn’t very good! I liked the soft pink and blue along with the fog still wrapping around the hill.

July 17th, it was all about the sun itself

In general I take way too many pictures of the horses in the mornings. The summer often brings foggy mornings and there is something almost ethereal about watching the horses in the fog. The horses are much more active early in the mornings during the summer so they are often grooming, playing and grazing, whereas later in the day they are usually napping under the trees. The whole setting is so peaceful and so perfect I cannot stop myself from trying (usually unsuccessfully) to accurately capture the scenes.

As I watch the horses through the fog I often feel like I am invading their privacy, almost as if I am looking in the window of someone’s house and spying on them in their private time. I think it is because the early summer mornings are when the horses are having their quietest and most peaceful times. Even when they are playing their actions have a soft edge to them.

However the seasons are going to be changing soon and we’ll move on to different types of pictures. I definitely don’t like mornings in January and I probably won’t be capturing too many sunrises in pictures. We all know I don’t like cold weather (even Tennessee cold) so we will move on to sunset pictures. The horses will also get a lot friskier and we’ll have more action shots. But for now I am enjoying the soft, quiet images and some amazing sunrises.


Chili and Dutch


Johnny and Sam

Fuzzy and Renny


Calimba, MyLight and Maisie

Apollo, Thomas and Hemi

Elfin, Leo and Chance

Homer and Moe

Lightening and Noble

Titan and Silver

Lucky and O’Reilly

Grand and Elfin

B-Rad and Alex


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