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Mina on the Mend

Mina the fainting goat is on the mend. It has been a month since she somehow broke her right hind leg. She is officially out of her splint, is not wearing the cone of shame, and overall is much happier about her circumstances. Jason and I received the bill a few days ago and we are less happy about the circumstances but what can you do?

Jason handing out some raisin treats to Miss Lyle and Mina

note Carter playing on the goats’ teeter totter in the background

Mina, aka “Mina the Czarina,” aka “Stripey Head.” She approves of being called Mina the Czarina but she detests the nickname Stripey Head.

Mina still mostly avoids weighting that leg which is perfect for now

Carter handing out treats

Mina will have to stay confined to her little pen with Miss Lyle for company for a a few more weeks but otherwise has nothing on her leg, we don’t have to do anything else to her leg, and she is not on any medications. We’ve come a long way in a month! I think Lyle is probably more ready than Mina for this to be over. Lyle drew the short straw and has been serving as Mina’s friend for the past month and she is sick to death of being confined to the pen.

Mina’s leg is not completely healed at this point, however the vet felt that the break was probably about 80% healed. Poor Mina’s leg is pretty chafed and rubbed from being splinted, wrapped and bandaged for the last month and she is quite happy to have her leg free at last. Now we just need her to continue to be sensible for another couple of weeks and then hopefully Mina and Lyle can watch the walls of their small pen come down. Then the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats will all be reunited at last!


Norman and MyLight grooming

Maisie, MyLight and Lily

Cinnamon and Calimba napping nose to nose

Grand and Chance


we had a lot of rain a couple of evenings ago; the large puddle in one of the pastures attracted some temporary visitors





Faune and Romeo

B-Rad and Murphy


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