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More Building Progress

We officially have run-in shed number one built at the new farm. It is built to the same dimensions as most of the sheds we currently have, and we even went with the same color scheme of white with a red roof. We did however make a couple of modifications. The sheds rarely get used in the winter and rarely during rain. The horses mainly use them as an occasional wind block in the winter although they actually prefer the trees for that. The sheds see most of their use during the summer for shade. They also use the natural shade a lot as well but the majority of run-in use is seen during the summer months.

The modifications we made to the shelters were made with their shade use in mind. We had the builder put a ridge vent along the roof of the sheds for ventilation and heat dissipation in the summer. There is also a vent along the back of the shed directly under the roof line. My concern with this was would it allow rain to blow in or make the sheds cold in the winter. Jason and our builder explained to me why this wouldn’t happen, something about how the edge of the roof extends out past the back of the shed but quite frankly I can’t really explain it so I won’t try!

The vent between the walls and the roof line. There is also a ridge vent built into the roof.

My Dad checking out the shed; he and Jason are both quite pleased with how well built it is. Apparently we found a good builder who pays attention to the details.

There is only one thing missing from the shed. However I am the only person who thinks something is missing. I asked for a cupola on the top of the shed. I just wanted a simple one and just for decorative purposes, white sides with a red roof. Jason and my Dad think it looks perfectly fine without it, and it does. I just think it would look nicer with one. What do you think? Everyone else thinks the shed looks fine and it would be a waste of money that could be put towards our (endless) other projects.

View of the shed taken from across the pasture. I only put this picture up because I love the this particular view on our new farm.

rear view of the shed facing towards the road


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