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More Fence Building

You might recall that we cleared some land in the fall to prepare it for another pasture. After the land was cleared Jason seeded it, and since then we have literally been watching the grass grow. Last week it was time to fence the grass in. You can follow the progress of the fence construction in the series of pictures below.

The pasture still is not ready for use. We need to hang gates at all of the gate openings. Heck we need to purchase gates so we can hang them, we haven’t even done that part yet. Then we need to run a water line to that pasture. This is never our favorite activity. See Part I and Part II about hitting the rock for a refresher on that topic. At this point we still want to watch the grass grow in this field for awhile and continue to let it establish before any grazing animals call it home, thus Jason and I already have a built in reason to procrastinate on the water line. Not that we would be looking for a reason to put that project off.

We now have a couple thousand feet of wood fence added to our pretty extensive collection of four board wood fence. I asked Jason how many feet of board fence we proudly called ours at this point (I am typing that with heavy sarcasm) and he said somewhere between five and six miles. Since tone is hard to convey in the written word I will say that we are not excited to be adding to our fence collection. Now there is even more fence that someone can scratch on, crib on, chew on, roll next to and stick their feet through, etc. We are quite happy with our very hot strand of electric wire that is located on the top board of most of our wood fence. As such one of the projects I do look forward to is adding a nice, hot strand of electric wire on the top board of this fence.

post holes dug, posts waiting to be set in concrete

posts set

more posts

lots and lots of posts

now with boards added

waiting for more boards

the finished project

The front part of the driveway feels kind of claustrophobic to me now. It used to be that both sides of the driveway did not have a fence until after the first three pastures.

I acknowledge it is pretty, I just wish I didn’t have to be involved in such a high maintenance relationship

fences everywhere

the grass is growing in quite nicely, hard to believe that all of the grass in this picture was a heavily wooded area a few months ago


B-Rad, Alex and Murphy

Renny; I find this picture amusing simply because you can see so clearly where he has shed out and where he has not.

Levendi, Apollo, Thomas and Baby

Dutch and Wiz

Silver and Lotus horsing around

Largo and Clayton

Walden and Fabrizzio

Johnny and Valentine, aka Tiny; you can see the heart on Tiny’s rump which is his namesake

O’Reilly and Lightening

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