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More of Life with Oscar

You might remember that we discovered, quite by accident, that Oscar had decided it was time to move on from his pates and eat filets. We realized this when we accidentally ran out of Oscar’s pates. Jason made a quick trip to the convenience store up the road to procure some emergency Oscar food. He came home with filets instead of pates. I chastised him soundly for this.

Oscar proceeded to make me look like an ogre and Jason look like a star when he scarfed down his cans of filets in record time. He had been starting to get fussy about his pates, so I guess if we had been paying better attention to our feral stray that we aren’t allowed to touch we might have clued into this more quickly.

Oscar is pretty in love with his filets. He comes around sometimes 2 or 3 times a day and looks in our windows or our kitchen door. He’s typically looking in the kitchen door at 4:45am when I get up in the morning. He’s staring in the window at us when we’re eating lunch, and he’s our audience for dinner.

The filets aren’t his only draw. Sometimes Oscar and our cat Jingle – the destroyer of the Christmas tree – play with each other through the glass of the kitchen door or one of the windows. We’ve tried cracking the door open for them a tiny bit so they could have a “live” meeting, but both cats run away. Our other cat, Joy, isn’t all that interested in Oscar. Oscar and Jingle like hanging out with each other as long as there is a physical barrier between them.

You might notice I mentioned Oscar looking in at us through doors and windows. Oscar has spent 3.5 years exclusively visiting our back porch and looking in at us through our kitchen door. A few weeks ago he suddenly started hanging out on the front porch and looking in at us through the front windows. As he did with his switch from pates to filets, I guess Oscar likes to change things up on us from time to time. Now he starts on one porch, and if we don’t respond to him quickly enough he moves to the other porch. For a feral cat that we’re not allowed to touch or otherwise be friends with, Oscar is very fussy and demanding. He knows what he wants in life, and for 3.5 years we have attempted to respond to his demands.

One thing he does not appear to want is to come in the house. We’ve propped the door open for him several times and he always says “no, thanks.” We’ve talked about I’ve mentioned to Jason we should try trapping Oscar in the live trap again and then try to tame him. Neither of us think he’ll ever get near a trap again. Maybe one day we’ll try, but I think Oscar is pretty happy with his current arrangements.


I took this picture of Oscar a few days ago. He’s very cute.

Oscar looking in at us from the front porch

Jingle and Oscar

Happy and Nemo


Walden and Fabrizzio having a bath and spa day; picture courtesy of Kate (who gave them their bath and spa day)

Jason and I were both ready to wrestle with Timbit who, for reasons unknown to anyone, was extremely mannerly for the farrier today. Picture courtesy of Kate.

I gave Convey a bath; he rolled .000004 seconds after I put him back out

Norman and Cuffie; pony BFFs

Homer, Levendi and Baby

Hemi and Cisco

Remmy playing with a stick


Merlin and Hesse

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