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More Signs of Spring

We’ve had much of the same on the farm the last few days. The weather was ok the first few days of the week (highs only in the 50’s but windy so three horses – the super wimpy ones – have had sheets on) but we hit 70 degrees again today with lots of sunshine. All horses naked! Most of the horses are shedding like crazy although a few are still mostly holding out, and there are other signs of spring everywhere. I’m starting to see lots of buds on the trees, the grass keeps getting greener, the frogs are singing around the pond again, the sound of singing birds is constant and life is good. I guess I will probably see the first fly of the year any day now. Today I used the shedding blade on several horses, there is something so satisfying about seeing a huge pile of hair forming as you work away. I must have found that a bit too satisfying as I worked on so many horses my hands now have a couple of raw spots on my hands from the shedding blade. Ouch!Tomorrow is supposed to be another great weather day, 70’s and sunny. All three of my girls were ridden today and hopefully that will happen again tomorrow. They are probably wishing that January would come back! I hope everyone has a great weekend. I plan to put band-aids on my hands on the raw spots and put in a lot more time with the shedding blade this weekend.The big boys on their daily romp through the pasture a couple of days ago. I like how Levendi demonstrates that show hunters can also be field hunters as he hops over the little tree branch in the very beginning. Sorry for the bit of footage where you get a good view of the trees there – I couldn’t get a good angle. At about 1:11 is where footage of loop two around the pasture starts. Their pasture is huge, 40 acres, so I can’t stand in one place and get their entire run on camera. The boys do love to run! The more sedate crowd grazing on Thursday. Lucky, Clay, Chili, O’Reilly, Snappy, Lightening & Teddy.

Winston, Faune and Asterik


Thomas hoping one or more of the mares would come over to flirt with him but all he got for his efforts was being ignored.

Homer, Apollo and Leo


Ivan enjoyed a nice roll in the dirt/mud

Then he went into dead horse position and sunned himself for awhile. How do I sign up for this life??


MyLight, Missy and Buffy

Buffy also decided it would be a nice day for a nap


I could take pictures of rolling horses all day; Faune showing me his technique (and saying “so much for grooming me, watch this and weep!”)

He also decided to stay down and sun himself for awhile after his roll (seriously, how do I sign up for this life????)

Jo the fainting goat thinking that if she only had opposable thumbs she could drive the Kubota AND operate the cordless drill.

Lightening, O’Reilly, Slinky and Chili

Harmony and Cuffie (Elfin in the background)


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