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More Snow and I Post Way Too Many Pictures

Hopefully I did not fry anyone’s computer when they opened this post. I got carried away and ended up posting all of the pictures I took over the last three days, which as you can see was quite a few. Anyone with a dial-up connection would be cursing my name right now!

Our snow accumulation doubled on Friday and Saturday. When I last posted Thursday evening we had received a quarter of an inch of snow. Of course that closed schools for two days, and I don’t know yet if schools are closed tomorrow (Monday) or not. For those of you who found it humorous that a quarter of an inch closed schools, I have something to really make you laugh! They closed all of the middle Tennessee schools Wednesday evening on the possibility of snow, long before a flake ever even hit the ground! Then our quarter inch of snow closed the schools for two days! A friend of mine told me she made the mistake of going to the grocery store Wednesday evening on her way home from work (her usual day to get groceries) and that she couldn’t even find a parking spot, everyone was in a panic over the mere possibility of snow on Thursday.

It continued to lightly flurry off and on on Friday and Saturday and doubled our snowfall accumulation for the last few days (and our entire winter to date) to a half inch of snow. I am so ready for this cold streak to end. I can say in all seriousness that I have never seen a week and half of such cold weather in middle Tennessee in my lifetime, because according to the record books it has never happened in my lifetime. When we get back to our normal daytime high for this time of the year of around 50 by the end of this week I told Jason not to be surprised when he saw me walking around the farm in my flip flops – it will feel positively tropical after this past week! Now I understand why we see all of the Canadian kids swimming in their swimming pools when it is only 60 degrees outside (and of course the water temp would be much lower than that!). If you have months on end of this weather, and as Jason pointed out MUCH COLDER weather, 60 degrees would feel like swimming weather!

Since I’ve already complained a zillion times about the weather I’ll stop now. At least it has been strangely comforting to know that even in Florida they’ve been cold and had snow. Misery does love company! The horses have seemed comfortable under their blankies and have carried on about their daily routines with business as usual. As I mentioned in a previous post the World’s Cutest Fainting Goats seem to really like this weather, I’ve seen lots of playing, bucking and butting heads out of those two.

Enough rambling, on to the 101 pictures . . .

I saw this gorgeous red fox trotting across one of the pastures. This was the only picture I was able to get. By the time I turned my camera on, zoomed in (this was taken on full 24x zoom, he was nowhere close to me) and the camera focused I could only get one shot. I love foxes, I think they are beautiful and they are so intelligent.

Cuff Links and Homer were playing over the fence. Go Homer!

Go Cuffie!

Clay and Lucky

Silky (aka Slinky aka ‘Slink in Pink!) and Teddy

Buffy and Lily

Faune and Sebastian

Sebastian, Faune and Ogie waiting impatiently for breakfast


Lexi and Cinnamon

Cinnamon’s expression was so sweet I had to take this picture

Bonnie and Norman

Norman with Sky behind him. Norman is so stinking cute it is unreal, I smile every time I see him.

Sparky and Sky


Asterik and Sebastian


Jason giving Bear a pet


Buffy and Cuff Links eating together

O’Reilly and Snappy sharing a meal

Gathered ’round the hay; Lily, Buffy, Missy, MyLight, Harmony (Cuffie is hidden on the other side)



Dustin and Levendi

Dustin surrounded by snow flurries

Levendi walking through the flurries

O’Reilly; the sheds remained empty from what I saw throughout the weekend. They seem to find their blankets to be more than enough shelter.

Apollo and Homer were looking intently at something

Leo and Trigger

Elfin and Chili were grooming each other over the fence, Thomas is next to Elfin. In the background at the hay are Silky, Lightening, and Teddy. O’Reilly is grazing.

Tony; I love his face

Ivan, Apollo, Tony and Homer


Chance and Chili

Trigger and Baby

Lucky and Lightening

Missy with a mouthful of hay

Harmony was scratching her neck and head on the tree

MyLight grazing in the flurries

Buffy in the flurries

Lucky and Chili



B-Rad and Ogie

Jason and Thomas hanging out

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