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My Love/Hate relationship with trees !

(post written by Jason, picture captions by Melissa)

Today I spent several hours cutting up one of several trees that decided avail themselves of the opportunity to fall down during the few days we were away enjoying ourselves at the beach. I have no idea what caused any of these trees to decide to come down this week; they weren’t obviously diseased and we’ve not had any wind beyond some breezy days. Nonetheless, down they are and at the very least, those that lie in the pastures need to be cleaned up, piled and burned.

I have often made the comment that for all the time I spend handling and disposing of fallen trees it is a royal shame that we don’t heat with wood. But then I thought about it some and I realized that I don’t live in Canada any more and even if we did heat with wood we’d only barely put a dent in the quantity of fallen wood generated around here. With rare exceptions, heating is only really required from December through March and not always even during those months. This led me to the thought that it is a royal shame we can’t turn all this wood into a fuel source that would run an air conditioner ! 🙂

Melissa claims that the park like setting that trees provide make them worth the trouble and I guess she is right but I sure do seem to spend a lot of hours maintaining said park like setting ! I sure do like the shade they provide on warm summer afternoons though.

Hope everyone is having a good week !

Jason getting ready to start cutting up the tree


Ivan and Apollo trotting through the pasture (Levendi partially hidden behind Ivan)

Clay, Teddy, O’Reilly, Snappy and Chili grazing

Cuff Links and Lily

Ogie and Alex

Winston, Faune and Asterik

Elfin, Leo and Chance



Harmony trotting through the pasture (Cuff Links in the background)


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