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New Addition . . . Almost

We almost had a new addition on the farm today. I really, really wanted this one to join us on the farm. I’m on the e-mail list of the wonderful people that run our feed store, Bonnie’s Barnyard. Bonnie sent an e-mail today that she had a client with an orphan fainting goat and were looking to place it in a new home. They didn’t have time to do the four times per day bottle feeding. I have desperately wanted a fainting goat for years and after pleading my case with Jason he agreed to the new acquisition. I literally was bouncing around the house full of excitement and anticipation as I picked up the phone to call Bonnie.

Then the bad news came, the orphan kid had already been adopted, I was too late. I will admit this was a major letdown to me. In the seven minutes I had been aware of the kid’s existence and availability I had already been compiling a list of possible names in my head, was dreaming of dressing him in a little sweatshirt for the few colds nights we have coming, and cooing over him while feeding him. Alas it was not meant to be although I know we would have provided him with a home any goat would love. Right??

To ease my pain I sorted through some of my recent pictures of our current two goat residents taken in November, December and January. Sniffle.

Bubba in December during our 24 hours of snow; yet another terrible naming job that must be attributed to my Dad. I shudder every time I have to tell someone his name.


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