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One of Those Days

Every now and then we all have to have one of those days where everything is harder than it has to be. Before I whine too much I have to give this day credit as it did end with a really gorgeous sunset. You really cannot beat a great sunrise or sunset for your office view:

a great view to end the day

This morning it seemed that every single horse on the farm had a case of what Jason and I fondly refer to as “the stupids.” Usually we see great examples of horses having the stupids when it is windy, raining, cold or some combination of these conditions. Since we had what can only be described as perfect conditions while we were feeding early this morning (who can complain about 65 degrees with no rain or wind??) we had no clue what was causing this farm-wide case of the stupids. However as we went from pasture to pasture every single horse on the farm having the stupids. It started out kind of cute at the first couple pastures but by the end neither of us was smiling anymore.

I think my favorite part was when I heard Jason explode into one of his rants involving his ever creative uses of vocabulary. He was feeding the Big Boys and everything was very normal. They were all in their usual positions around the gate waiting to be fed. As he walked towards their pasture with their feedbags they all started running away, suddenly anxious to explore every inch of their 30 acres. There Jason stood with his hands full of feedbags as the Big Boys just . . . left. I loved Jason’s grown up response which consisted of his yelling at their retreating rumps “Fine, just don’t eat then! See if I care!” Strangely the boys all came trotting back a few minutes later and stood around and ate as if their whole disappearing act had not happened. I guess their curiosity about things unknown to us had been satisfied.

The day didn’t really improve from there. It didn’t get worse either, it was just one of those days where everything took five times longer than normal. Here’s to hopefully coasting through the day tomorrow.


Apollo and Elfin

Grand, Moe, Homer and Thomas

Cinnamon, MyLight and Dolly

Lighty, Murphy and Sebastian

Lightning, Lucky, Duesy, Walden, Merlin and Fabrizzio watching the two new guys. They have been getting to know them over a fence for the past week and were surprised to see them in the pasture.

However thanks to all of that time getting to know each other over the fence everyone quit staring and went back to grazing. Our two new guys, Remmy (not to be confused with Renny) and Hesse grazing with Walden, Fabrizzio and Merlin

Traveller looked picture perfect in the morning sun

Oskar and Johnny

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