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Overcoming Challenges

As I was walking through the pasture today two of the dogs, Trooper and Bella, accompanied me. Trooper is a black lab mix and he is missing his right front leg. We adopted him from a local no-kill shelter. The shelter told us that he had a birth defect and his right front leg did not touch the ground by several inches but he kept trying to use it anyway. As you can imagine this made it really hard for Trooper to get around. The shelter had his leg amputated and Trooper’s ability to get around improved immediately as he was no longer trying to use a leg that didn’t work.

We adopted Trooper because he looked identical to another dog that we had at the time, Sherman. Sherman was also a 3-legged black lab mix missing his right front leg. We had a matched set for a couple of years. What were the odds of that? Sherman was quite elderly by the time Trooper came along 5 years ago so we only had our matched set for a couple of years.

Sherman never acted like he cared about his disadvantage and neither does Trooper. Trooper runs with the other dogs and really likes to play rough and tumble, and true to his lab roots he is an excellent swimmer in the pond as was Sherman. While walking through the pasture today Bella and Trooper were playing hard. Then they were both running around the pasture exploring. Trooper did everything Bella did although sometimes not quite as fast. Trooper LOVES to play, especially rough and tumble play. He certainly doesn’t think of himself as having a disadvantage!


In other news our snow finally melted on Monday. Guess what? There are snowflakes in the air right now. Just shoot me. I thought I lived in the south, hello?? I told Jason this evening that I am packing up myself and all of the horses and we are moving to the Keys. I hate winter.

Have a great weekend!

Trooper, 3-legged black lab mix and Bella the border collie mix. Missing a front leg doesn’t hamper Trooper’s mobility.

Norman enjoying a good roll

Norman and Sparky

Maisie and Missy


Cinnamon and Lexi


Elfin napping

What a tough life; Levendi taking a nap with a piece of hay hanging out of his mouth

Leo and Chance


A few pictures from Monday that I forgot to post earlier this week:

Tiny and Johnny playing


Stormy and Johnny

Rampal rolling and Stormy grazing

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