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Perfect Winter Day

There are days when we wonder why we do what we do and there are other days when we wonder why we’d ever do anything else. Today was definitely one of the latter. We watched the morning light up and the stars fade into a perfect blue sky this morning. We started chores just as the sun cleared the horizon and you could feel the cool morning air warm up immediately. Within a few minutes, the frogs and crickets began singing and well before I was done feeding the first group of horses I was down to shirtsleeves. This far south the late January sun has some power, and before I was done feeding the second group I was down to short sleeves which is how I spent the remainder of the day. You know it’s truly warm when Melissa is in shirtsleeves and by the time we met up after the horses were fed that is how I found her AND she was comfortably warm, even her hands !

We spent our time between chores fixing a multitude of things that had been piling up, waiting for a pretty day like this one. Periodically, Melissa would grab the camera and film the horses; they seemed to enjoy today every bit as much as we did and they spent the day laying around and doing some grazing. I’d be lying if I didn’t mention that in between fix it chores I spent some time propped up against the fence enjoying the sunshine myself.

Today was a mild mid-winter gift, and we have had many beautiful days this winter. These sorts of days are one of the many reasons I love the life we’ve created here in Middle Tennessee.


Rampal was sound asleep in the sunshine

Bonnie on the go


MyLight and Calimba hanging out

Chimano, Fonzi, Silver, Gus and Faune grazing as the sun was rising

Walden, Fabrizzio, Noble and Lightening

Thor and Snappy

B-Rad and Murphy with Sebastian in the background

Sebastian and Wiz

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