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Pigs In Slop

We had some steady rain off and on yesterday afternoon and evening. There is an area at the corner of my arena that is a low spot and tends to make a puddle after it rains. I watched the some of the horses in this pasture having a grand time with this puddle today. They were having so much fun in the muddy water that the best description for them was they looked like pigs in slop. It was fun to watch them cavorting and being so silly.

Ogie was the first one in and he splashed the water with his front legs for a few minutes. Asterik watched him.

Then Asterik decided to join Ogie in the splashing

A few minutes later Winston joined in the fun. Winston and Asterik splashed and played and rolled while Ogie watched. B-Rad and Alex also watched.

Chance on the move

B-Rad grazing while Alex looks around

#herddynamics #video

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