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Places with Funny Names

A couple of days ago Jason and I were driving along Highway 31 on our way to eat dinner. We’d had a long day in the hay field and were starving hungry, so off to the Chinese buffet we went.

It is ridiculously easy to entertain us at times. As Jason and I were driving along in the car we would comment about the various names that we found amusing. I should also add that we drive by all of these signs regularly. After laughing about them and telling each other the same jokes every time we drive by these signs we still find ourselves to be funny.

First up was Hollywood. Every single time we drive by the sign for the unincorporated town of Hollywood, TN Jason always comments “we made it to Hollywood.” My response to Jason the other day was that I didn’t have the appropriate sunglasses for Hollywood and I needed to upgrade to a giant pair like you would see Paris Hilton wearing.

Hollywood, TN unincorporated

I could rock these sunglasses

A couple of miles up the road we reached my favorite sign, the one for Big Bigbyville, TN. This unincorporated town derives its name from the Big Bigby Creek nearby. For those who care there is also a Little Bigby Creek but to my knowledge there is no Little Bigbyville.

The Big Bigbyville sign cracks me up every single time I see it. I always try to say Big Bigbyville three times in a row really fast. Jason does as well, so we ride along in the car giggling and chanting Big Bigbyville over and over. Try it: Big Bigbyville Big Bigbyville Big Bigbyville Next up was the sign for the Jonah the Whale Daycare Center. I don’t know why but this name just kills us and Jason and I always approach the bend in the road where Jonah & the Whale is located with great anticipation. “We’re coming up on Jonah & the Whale! Look, there’s Jonah the Whale!”

There is another name that always gives me the giggles although there is nothing funny about it. A couple of hours away on the Cumberland Plateau there is the Calfkiller River (yes Calfkiller is all one word). The first time I saw the sign I did a doubletake. I said to Jason “did that sign say Calfkiller River?” Then we both burst into hysterical laughter and started making a thousand jokes about the Calfkiller River.

I didn’t take this picture but found it on a Google search. Apparently I’m not the only one who finds this name entertaining.

I know that Jason and I are not the only people who like to laugh at funny place names. So share the ones you laugh at in the comments and give all of us some good laughs over the weekend. ___________________________________ Rocky

Stormy and Kennedy

Rampal and Tiny

Wiz, Dutch and Murphy

Ivan and Apollo

Lucky, Regis, Spike, O’Reilly, Lightening, Slinky and Thor

Noble, Thor and Lightening

Thomas and Trigger

Thor and Noble hanging out

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