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Poco 19XX-2009

Today we sadly said goodbye to Poco. My parents spared no expense and gave him every chance they could, and the vets spared no effort and exhausted all of their resources. Poco began to exhibit severe neurological symptoms in addition to the mystery breathing issues we had been trying to treat. His liver had basically stopped functioning as well. The decision was unanimous between myself, my parents and his attending veterinarians to humanely euthanize him today. I am very appreciative to the entire staff at Tennessee Equine Hospital for their thorough and loving care of Poco.

Poco had been a part of our family for nine years. My dad was making a quick trip to a Tractor Supply Store and noticed a thin, unhappy pony tied to a rusted out trailer at the flea market across from the TSC store. He said he could not leave the sad little pony behind and purchased him and paid a delivery fee to have him transported to our farm. My mom and dad both spoiled him rotten with their constant treats and rare reprimands of his very “ponyish” behavior. I was the bad guy in Poco’s life since I expected him to at least partly behave himself. We know nothing of his history prior to his purchase as the sellers offered no information and we don’t know his exact age either. We think he was young, in his early teens, but that is a guess from his teeth.

Poco had a great life here at the farm with his best buddy, Sparky the donkey. He was adored by many of the horses who also always tolerated his ponyish ways and never made him mind his manners. I was always amazed at what the horses would let Poco get away with.

Rest in peace Poco, we all miss you.

One of my favorite videos of the farm because it captures the carefree life of the horses who live here. I have posted it before but here it is again. Poco and What playing and racing through the field in fall 2007

Poco attempting to steal Faune’s feed bag; I’ve posted this picture before and my comment was that Faune would have a “come to Jesus” talk with anyone else about this. He let Poco get away with it though.

He had any number of cute and adorable expressions

Poco grazing with What

Poco declining to have his medication one January morning; I finally got it in him after a little Poco/Melissa rodeo.

Biting Gwen on the arm while he has his feet trimmed

A lazy afternoon in the shed

Another lazy afternoon with a big yawn

Poco out in the pasture

Poco and his best friend in the world, Sparky

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